Cute Soldiers in Mutual Masturbation

Duration: 25m, 45s, Starring Baby Face, Cowboy, Marky

(232 Votes)

Mutual masturbation is a theme that doesn't get explored often enough, so these three soldiers are going to go off in the woods and see just what's so good about it. They're named Baby Face, Marky, and Cowboy, and you've never seen a better pair of three soldiers. They are cute as fuck, with bodies toned by years of training. They might look lean and lithe, but once they get naked you can see all of the lines of muscle, and all you can really do is admire as they start working their schlongs up and down together.

Stud In Boxers Stroking His Dick

Duration: 20m, 53s, Starring Lancaster

(219 Votes)

This straight military man knows just how to relax - he strips down, showing off his tight boxers and great chest, and then he whips out his dick. Lancaster loves to show off that cock of his, although it does take some time before he ends up pushing it beyond his shorts. Once he gets it in his hand, he smiles away and whacks it. That dick is simply delicious, and he certainly has his masturbation method down pat. Once he's ready to blow, he leans back, keeps on moaning, and then lets the cum spray all over.

Horny Soldier Working His Thick Dick

Duration: 15m, 28s, Starring Caz

(307 Votes)

Caz is a sexy soldier that has no problem with whipping his dick out in front of the camera. He works his hands up and down his shaft slowly, working it up and around until you can't help but stare at him. That dick just calls to you - suck me, suck me - but today Caz is going to take his strong hands, wrap it around his cock, and then work it up and down until he is shuddering and moaning in pleasure. He works it harder and harder by the second, before finally exploding with passion and loving the ropes of cum.

Stand at attention and show your pride

Duration: 14m, 5s, Starring Texas

(175 Votes)

Attention! Right face! March! The young Marine has been following orders in training camp for six weeks and now he finally has a some spare time to himself. Go with him as he and his private major go walking along a secluded nature trail in search of the perfect place to jerk off! Watch him crank out a batch of the few, the proud.... the sperm swimming upstream from his ball sack and begging to be launched head-first into the cool flowing river water below!

Shawn Is A Horny Marine Who Loves To Jerk His Pipe And Cum

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Shawn

(494 Votes)

Shawn is a military guy that loves to work out and stay fit. With his shirt off he started rubbing his chest and grabbing his dick through his pants. As his cock began to throb he peeled off his pants, pulled out his meat sword and started to stroke it. He was watching a porn movie and the combination of that and knowing that he was being filmed really turned him on. He stood up from his stool and started to work his shaft faster and faster until eh was biting his lip and couldn't hold out any longer so he arched his back and let his load of man gravy fly and splatter against a mirror.

Two Military Guys Have A Jerk Off Race

Duration: 25m, 2s, Starring Brian, James

(312 Votes)

Brian and James are a couple of military guys who got naked and showed off their fit bodies. They watched a video while they stripped nude then they stood up and went to work. They stood side by side as they began stroking their rods. They were both so turned on it didn't take them long before they were both sporting massive wood and were rubbing their rock hard cocks fast. One of them reached down and grabbed his balls as he raced to the end and shot his load. After the first guy came the second guy quickly followed suit and blasted his hot jizz like a rocket.

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