Sailors Play Hide The Submarine

Duration: 23m, 53s, Starring Branden Scott, Tyson Rexx

(533 Votes)

Tyson Rexx and Branden Scott are a couple of hot, fit sailors that couldn't wait to get off the ship and into Tyson's apartment when they finally got a 24 hour pass. They didn't even make it to the bedroom before the clothes were coming off and they were taking turns sucking each other until they were both hard. Tyson ordered his flesh submarine to dive into Branden's ass as he fucked him deep and hard. His cock is so big he nearly split Branden in two as he pounded him and stroked his cock as he went. Both guys sucked and fucked until they came all over each other and collapsed on the couch exhausted.

Sailors On Leave Get Crazy In A Hotel

Duration: 19m, 35s, Starring Chance Rivers

(185 Votes)

Chance Rivers had just joined the military and was on leave with one of his shipmates. They checked into a hotel and were so happy to finally have some privacy that they tore their clothes off and started going at it immediately. Chance sucked his shipmate's meat torpedo until he was ready to burst then laid flat on his back on the bed and let him slam it into him. Chance took the cock deep in his ass and was loving every inch of it. He let his shipmate fuck him until he couldn't hold out any longer then finally he pulled out and the two jerked off and came together.

A Sailor Sees If He Has What It Takes

Duration: 24m, 33s, Starring Taylor Donovan, Tony Akin

(335 Votes)

Taylor Donovan wanted to be a sailor so he went to the recruiters office. After hearing about the long trips at sea the recruiter told Taylor he had to prove he could help his fellow sailors out. Taylor went to his knees and started sucking the recruiters twitching dick and licking his balls. The recruiter then licked Taylor's ass, bent him over a chair and spiked his cock right into that tight asshole. He devastated that ass. Owning it as he pounded away. Taylor could feel the recruiter's cock throb as she pumped in and out before he finally unleashed a batch of sticky swimmers all over his face. Yes, Taylor's ass will be welcome on board.

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