Gay Military Stud Irresistible

Duration: 19m, 28s, Starring Aleixo Araujo, Maurinho Manson

(777 Votes)

Maurinho Manson is just cleaning off dishes when he sees military man Alexio Araujo strolling up. This guy is supposed to have his picture taken...but instead of that, he ends up getting the blowjob of his life by this horny jock. The stud and jock look great together, and before long Maurinho is taking his dick deep in his ass. He has one of those perfect asses that look marvelous to fuck, and it's perfectly tight when this military man's dick goes ramming deep inside of him, reaming him completely open.

Photography Fucking Gay Military Man

Duration: 14m, 4s, Starring Eduardo Campos, Roger Moreno

(201 Votes)

Roger Moreno is taking plenty of pictures of Eduardo Campos - and he can't help but realize that his subject is very very hot. He finds that he can't resist this sexy military man, and ends up really going after him. He is on his knees, throwing his camera aside and filling his mouth up with cock. He sucks harder and harder, really enjoying the feel of that dong deep down his throat. Before long he is taking Eduardo's dick right in his ass, and you can hear him moaning above the smack of those military balls into his taint.

Gay Soldiers Have Hot Alley Gang Fuck

Duration: 19m, 35s, Starring Igor dos Santos, Johnny Alves, Rafael Nunes

(287 Votes)

In true Guantanamo Bay fashion, these horny homosexual military men can't keep it in their pants! What starts off as a photo opportunity in a graffiti filled alley turns into a hardcore fuck and suck session. The guys lineup for the photo, but soon they are taking photos of giving each other blow jobs and anal sex. These three guys know all sorts of positions and you will be surprised at their creativity. There are bound to be some sexual positions that you've never seen before! The hottest one is when one guy is in the middle, fucking one guy ass while he himself gets bummed. They call it the cock sandwich and it's extremely sexy!

Gay Uniform Porn Hotties in Army

Duration: 17m, 35s, Starring Daniel Brandao, Henrique Carvalho

(561 Votes)

Henrique Carvalho and Daniel Brandao are visions of hotness in their army uniforms. This gay uniform porn extravaganza is simply incredible - especially when they leave on their uniforms for a good part of it. Then they get too hot and bothered, and off the uniforms come. Their dicks are already hard as a rock, and they just want to get on with the action. After a quick blowjob, this uniform gay porno continues on to an ass banging good time, ending up with everyone spent, exhausted, and incredibly happy.

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