Tall Hung Guy Shoots His Hot Sperm Load

Duration: 20m, 27s, Starring Larry

(625 Votes)

Although he is quite nervous as he sits on the sofa at the beginning of this solo masturbation clip, 6 foot tall stud Larry soon relaxes as he gets naked and rock hard as he watches some porn on the TV. He completely loses interest in the camera as he pumps his extremely big dick - it's proportional to his height, that is, extremely long! He's nice and hairy, too, with a charmingly hirsute chest and a sexy snail trail that will have you thinking about oral sex. His dick is so big that he has to use two hands to get himself off, squeezing hard on the shaft and eventually coaxing out a huge gob of hot jizz all over his stomach.

Straight Stud Jacks Off His Monster Dick

Duration: 9m, 47s, Starring Troy

(116 Votes)

You're going to love sexy midthirties stud Troy! This straight stud has got no qualms about throwing off his clothes and jacking off on camera, and as soon as he pulls down his trousers you can see why - that dick is fucking huge! There's a look of intense concentration on his face as he strokes himself to a full, proud erection, pausing part way through to bend over at the waist to show you his butt before he goes back to his jack off pleasure. He shoots all over his own stomach, the jizz dribbling down his cock and balls; he cleans herself up with a filthy T-shirt. He is exhausted after as his epic big cock jack off session!

Jason Brings Out a Beefy Cock

Duration: 5m, 39s, Starring Jason

(257 Votes)

Jason is relaxing on his couch when he gets the urge to bring out his cock and start working at it. His dick is nice and thick, without the super long length that might make you uncomfortable. As he brings his hand up and down that dong he's getting more and more in to the session, letting his cock do the talking as he plays with himself. His head starts to roll back against the couch and before long his legs are spread out all the way and he is trying to hold himself back from an explosive orgasm that rocks every last bit of his body.

Sexy Straight Guy Beating His Meat

Duration: 17m, Starring Austin

(517 Votes)

Austin is horny as hell and doesn't have anyone around to take care of his raging hardon, so he's going to be bringing out his dick and taking care of it himself. His cock is nice and long, with a girth that is sure to make you want to just get down on your knees and slurp away. He has a lusty smile on his face as he starts to pull off his shirt, making sure that you're just going to want to put your hands all over him and fuck him silly if you got the chance. He makes sure to finish what he started, letting his cum bust all over the place.

Hunky Man in Uniform Playing with Dick

Duration: 12m, 14s, Starring Brian

(722 Votes)

Brian is a military man who needs a bit of downtime, so he begins stripping down out of that tight and tailored uniform. His hand starts working up and down that dong, getting faster and faster as he works it all over. His cock is hard as a rock before long and you'll see that dick start to extend out to its full length. As he gets himself in to a wild frenzy he knows that he is about to bust a nut all over the place. He gets a very intense look on his face as he's about to cum, especially as he finishes his last few jerks.

Straight Guys Experiment With Anal Sex

Duration: 28m, 37s, Starring Austin, Larry

(306 Votes)

The nerve of these guys - calling themselves straight when they end up sucking each others' dicks! Studs Austin and Larry are sitting around on the sofa watching TV when they decide to strip off and play with their cocks. One thing leads to another and before you know it they are masturbating each other; then this leads to a hot cocksucking 69! Now that they've got a mouthful of dick, they figure that they may as well go all the way, with Austin lowering himself down on Larry's big cock in reverse cowboy position. Larry's got a fucking huge member and it takes a while for young Austin to squeeze it into his virginal butt!

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