Young Grunt Fucked In His Tender Asshole

Duration: 23m, 25s, Starring Andrew Skyler, Tim Reynolds

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Ambitious grunt Tim Reynolds will do whatever it takes to get ahead in the military! One evening he is called after hours to the dorm room of his superior, Andrew Skylar. Andrew is still in full uniform when young Tim enters the room, looking extremely brusque and masculine. Tim knows that sly look in Andrew's eye, and he wordlessly gets on his knees, unbuckling his superior officer's trousers and starting to suck! Andrew's got a fat cock and a rather vicious, domineering demeanor, grabbing Tim by the back of the head and making him gag and splutter on his meat. Then he bends the young stud over his chair and nails him in the ass!

Spit Roast Fucking Makes Young Stud Cum

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Bret Nielson, Julio Lopez, Tim Reynolds

(170 Votes)

These horny young soldiers have got some time off, and submissive bottom bitch Tim Reynolds is about to get his ass torn up by two guys at the same time! He is lying naked out on a deck chair by the pool when strapping studs Bret and Julio stand over him. They rub their hard cocks all over his face and then bend him over, taking turns riding him in his tight butt. Of course, the other man keeps himself busy by fucking Tim's hot little mouth! Tattooed young Tim groans and moans as he gets ass fucked, driven to a spontaneous, unprovoked orgasm by the delicious friction of those hard pricks directly on his prostate. A real anal orgasm!

Private Takes Huge Cock In The Storeroom

Duration: 30m, 44s, Starring Chase Chandler, Tim Reynolds

(327 Votes)

This hardcore gay military fuck movie is divided into two separate segments. At first we see clean cut, tattooed grunt Tim Reynolds masturbating in the privacy of his bedroom. He's obviously a dirty bottom, judging by the way that he virtually fists himself! Next we see him in the store room with his sergeant Chris Chandler. Tim is order to get down on his knees, and then he is shocked as Chris pulls his cock out of his pants and sticks it into the young private's mouth! Before you know it, young Tim is getting plugged in his tight rear end by that magnificent prick, grunting and jerking his own little diddle while he gets ploughed.

Young Stud Anal Fucks With A Huge Dildo

Duration: 27m, 7s, Starring Tim Reynolds

(183 Votes)

A muscular guy masturbates and fingers his asshole until he cums and falls back to bed.

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