Slender Military Twink Taking Dick

Duration: 22m, 7s, Starring Derrick Halliwell, Ethyn Garrett

(270 Votes)

Derrick Halliwell and Ethyn Garrett are a pair made in heaven. One is an athletic hunk of a military man, and the other is a slender twink. They start off being half naked and sucking off each other, but soon they bend over each other and start the ass fucking. You would think they would be after the rough type of sex, but they weren't - they started things off nice and slow, and just started going with that sweet and passionate pace that will blow your mind way more than balls to the walls fucking.

Hot Slender Army Guys Fucking in Gym

Duration: 47m, 40s, Starring Clay Rider, Dylan Thomas, Montana, Tyson Rexx

(239 Votes)

You always wonder what goes on in the army gyms, don't you - there's just something rather naughty about all of those sweaty guys getting their muscles nice and tight together. Tyson Rexx and Dylan Thomas don't even get their workout done - they want to kiss and rub all over each other. They are kissing slowly, stripping out of their military uniforms and playing with each other's dicks. Then they start with the dick sucking, and then they start stretching out and fucking right on the gym equipment.

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