Gay Soldiers Work Hard And Play Harder

Duration: 32m, 19s, Starring Alexandre Senna, Beto Robeiro, Jeff Perez, Luis Rodrigues, Ricardo Gomes

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All of these members of the military were such hard workers, and they always want to do their best for their commanding officers. But when they're alone with each other, they want to make sure that they do the best job for each other, when it comes to pleasing their dicks! That's why you'll see them, whenever they get the chance to, getting on their knees and sucking each other off! Just take a look at these guys, as they hungrily lick each other's dicks, and then open up their assholes for a hard fucking! All of their tight asses are rammed deep, fucked hard until all of the guys are spraying hot cum all over each other.

Gay Military Men Slurping Down Dick

Duration: 11m, 34s, Starring Luiz Hansom, Ricardo Gomes

(519 Votes)

Luiz Hansom and Ricardo Gomes are helpless to resist each other - both get off at the thought of a man in uniform, and since they're both in the military - well you can figure out how this is going to end up. They are both completely trimmed and toned, exactly what you would think about when it comes to gorgeous gay military men. They get their asses primed and ready, and after a quick dick suck Luiz ends up bouncing up and down on Ricardo's cock, loving the way it splits his ass wide open and leaves him sore.

Three Gay Soldiers Fuck Each Other

Duration: 17m, 35s, Starring Henrique Carvalho, Jonas Santoro, Rafael Nunes

(417 Votes)

It's usually nothing but serious business when it comes to the military, but with all of these sexy privates around, how could it be just that when they finally get to rest? That's why when it gets to be night time, they finally find time to rest and relax. And the more relaxed they get, the more they desire to please each other's dicks! That's what these three guys desire to do, as they're sucking every prick in site. Their assholes are licked, and then finally opened up for every inch that they could possibly stuff in there. They still have the energy to fuck the hell out of each other, as they jerk off while they're being fucked and cum.

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