Horny Twink Soldiers Bang Tight Butts

Duration: 22m, 49s, Starring Nick Lamar, Tom Cass

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It's their first day as soldiers, which means it's also the first day that they can give into their lust for one another! Tom and Nick are two smooth twinks with cocks that need to be pleased, as they lock lips together while stripping each other down until their stiffies are pointing at each other. They each grab a hold of those erect willys and stuff it down their throats, sucking it until every last inch is swollen in their mouths. He bends over for him and lets him push his uncovered cock as deep inside of his tight butt as it could go, and then he's taken from behind even harder until both guys get to drain their dicks on the other.

Three Soldiers Give Head And Fuck

Duration: 23m, 25s, Starring Lucky Taylor, Mike Green, Tommy Twink

(215 Votes)

If you thought that basic training to become a soldier was nothing but hard work, well, you're right! But it's not always hard work outside that gets the job done; it's when these three new soldiers get together to work on their shafts and their asses together in their rooms that's the hardest. These two guys start things off when they begin to kiss and rub each other's swelling pricks. As one sucks on the other, a third soldier shows up to get a mouthful of dick as well, and then soon enough, this lucky guy was in the middle of a twink sandwich, being fucked raw in his mouth and ass! He milked both of them until they came all over him.

Gay Twink Soldiers Fuck Each Other

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Dominoco, Fred Stone, Lucky Taylor

(157 Votes)

Talk about perfecting the art of camouflage! This soldier was waiting for his bunkmate to come into the room, and he surprised him by taking out his half-erect cock for him to suck completely stiff. He was so surprised to see it that he immediately jumped to his knees and started licking and stroking that dick until it was hard. What a good twink soldier! And for that wonderful head he gave him that made his cock stand at attention, he was rewarded with a solid salute from his dick, as it slid up his ass and filled it up tightly. He rammed his ass hard and deep from behind, and both of their meat poles were milked dry.

Two Dicks Fill Up One Sexy Twink

Duration: 16m, 36s, Starring Franco Conti, Jerry Harris, Mark Lopez

(564 Votes)

If you knew you were going to be in the middle of a steamy twink 3-way and you were going to be fucking raw, your cock would be that hard too before someone even touched it! Jerry, Mark and Franco were three guys at work here, as each one either had their hand or their mouth on a fat prick. These guys got rock hard while their cocks were being licked and sucked, and when they all took their clothes off, they each went to find a place to stuff their meat inside of. They rammed them with their uncovered dicks in his mouth and his asshole, drilling him in unison while he squeezed both of them until they came on his chest.

Two Sexy Gay Guys Joe And Dominoco Suck Each Other Off

Duration: 21m, 23s, Starring Dominoco, Joe Fand

(196 Votes)

What a way to be stirred up! He kept bitching about wanting to stay on bed, so this guy tried a different method, and jumped on top of him and started kissing the twink soldier passionately to get him to come around. That not only stirred him up, it stirred up his cock too, as he took it out for his bunkmate to suck on. He fit that massive pecker inside of his mouth, and then he fed his own cock to him to get sucked off as well. He spread his ass cheeks as wide as possible and slid his fuck stick deep inside his hole raw, slamming away while he jerked himself off. He got on top of him and rode him until he shot his jizz all over his stomach.

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