Horny Black Gay Dudes Fuck in Basement

Duration: 25m, 40s, Starring Michael Rome, Pleasure

(283 Votes)

Although a basement probably wouldn't be my first choice to fuck in, I certainly have to say that Pleasure and Michael Rome soon make you forget about this dark place that they're fucking in. This gay black on black fuck fest has plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking galore, and you'll love watching these thick black dicks slickly sliding down to the back of their throats. Their moans are intense and sound louder than ever in the basement, and chances are people can hear them all the way down the street.

Sexy Ebony Gays Fucking in Basement

Duration: 24m, 31s, Starring Dees, Platinum

(477 Votes)

Platinum and Dees are the sexiest black gay guys that you are ever going to see. They have ripped muscles, great abs, strong arms, and dicks that are bigger than you've ever seen before. Their mouths move up and down on those long cocks, the thickness just filling up every inch of mouth as their tongues start working on ebony shafts. As the action gets more and more intense, they end up filling each other up with their big, well hung cocks. Those asses just don't know what's about to hit them - it's damn hot!

Hot Black Gay Thugs in Basement

Duration: 24m, 54s, Starring Ricco Black, Richie

(391 Votes)

Ricco Black and Richie are hot black badasses with attitude - but once they get down to the basement where they can get quiet time, they turn into suave, sexy ebony hotties on a mission. All they want to do is wrap their lips around some nice, thick dick and go to town on it. Up and down their lips go, until they end up leaning over the bench that is conveniently down in the basement so that they can keep on with their sexy antics. Those tight asses get pushed to the limit by big black dick. Now that's hot.

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