He Breaks In And Steals Some White Ass

Duration: 12m, 47s, Starring Eyce, Peanut

(557 Votes)

Peanut broke into Eyce's house. He didn't know he was home, but when he saw that white boy he had to have some of that ass. He took Eyce to the bedroom, pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. The guys swapped blowjobs then Peanut bent that white boy over and slid his hard black cock into his ass. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back on his dick as he stroked away on his ass with long, deep strokes. He drilled his ass out and worked him in several different positions then after Peanut busted a nut he stroked Eyce's cock until he exploded all over himself.

A Thief Steals Some Tight Ass

Duration: 18m, 4s, Starring Peanut, Venom

(1228 Votes)

Venom was casing a house to rob it. He got inside and when he got to the bedroom he saw Peanut laying on the bed nude stroking his dick. He was going to shoot him and a rob him, but instead decided to fuck him. He crawled over onto the bed and started sucking on Peanut's cock then, once he was nude, Venom crawled up and let Peanut blow him. The two traded blowjobs until Venom put Peanut face down on the bed and started pounding away on his tight ass. He fucked him deep and hard and made his ass clinch down on his hard dick. Both guys ended up stroking and shooting their hot loads at the same time.

Black Geek Bent Over And Hard Ass Pumped

Duration: 14m, 10s, Starring Big Daddy, Peanut

(879 Votes)

The dominant gay black dude at school, who is captain of the basketball team, goes knocking on a submissive young dude's door one night. He has been eying up this young geek for quite some time, has worked out where his dorm room is, and has decided that he is going to give this young stud a good throat pounding. He pushes his way into the room, slaming his big black cock down his younger friends throat and stuffing him to suck. It is not long before the young geek is bent over the edge of his bed, and he is spitting on his backside as he slides that thick black pecker up that tight young man's booty. Wild booty banging screaming ensues.

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