Lifting Weights Until He Cums

Duration: 16m, Starring Ray Victory

(574 Votes)

Ray Victory is a buff, black stud. He came down into his basement gym and decided to strip and workout nude. He got fully naked and did some warm-up stretches then laid back to do some bench presses and work his chest. He did three hard sets and really got his blood pumping so he decided to give his dick a workout. He stroked his long black tool and got himself hard then he reached down and rubbed his balls while stroking his tool and building up speeds. As he came he exploded sending a hot batch of man batter all over his belly and chest. That is a real workout.

Athletic Black Studs Wrestling Naked

Duration: 22m, 24s, Starring Ty Jones, Zell Woods

(534 Votes)

If you ever did wrestling at school then you know that it is a hot and physical sport that requires a lot of contact between the participants. Can you imagine anything hornier than two athletic black studs, their glistening ebony bodies covered with grease and sweat as they fight for dominance on the wrestling platform? Black studs Zell Woods and Ty Jones get naked together, warming up with some exercises and stretches before they begin practising their wrestling moves. Being completely naked, their cocks are constantly rubbing together and soon they are turned on beyond belief. The horny gay blacks masturbate together on the gym floor.

Jeff Sahara Works His Muscles And Dick

Duration: 19m, 41s, Starring Jeff Sahara

(187 Votes)

Jeff Sahara came into his gym and got naked then started working out. He did some stretching then hit the bench press and kicked out some solid reps. He built up a sweat then laid back on the bench and started playing with his cock. He stroked himself and got hard then really got a grip on it and stroked that prick harder and harder. He pulled on it as hard as he could and started squirming around until he was ready to explode. He stroked then erupted shooting his load all over himself then grabbed his towel and cleaned himself off and hit the showers.

Ebony Gym Stud Jerks His Big Dick Off

Duration: 24m, 20s, Starring Michael Long

(392 Votes)

Well built ebony muscle stud Michael Long comes into the home gym to perform an extremely hot strip. You'll be impressed by the rippling muscles on Michael's muscular black frame as he takes off his shorts and T-shirt to get completely nude. His black body looks fantastic as he performed press ups and some pull ups on the bar. Lying back on the weight bench, he starts to play with his impressively thick black shaft. He jerks it first with one hand and then the other, spitting on his palm for lubrication as he gets closer to orgasm. When he cums, he gushes all over his own flat stomach and you can see it dribble on those six pack abs.

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