Sean And Paul Play Burry The Bone

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Paul, Sean

(275 Votes)

Sean and Paul were lounging around the house in front of the fireplace. Sean walked across the room and started rubbing him down. He pulled out his cock and started sucking on his dick. His mouth is so talented that he had Paul rock hard in a matter of minutes. Paul bent Sean over and drove his hard black cock right into Sean's ass. He grabbed Sean's hips and and bucked his hips into him and buried that dick deep in his ass. The guys slammed into each other and built up speeds. Finally Paul pulled out and decorated Sean's chest with a hot load.

Two Black Guys Play Gay One On One

Duration: 11m, 31s, Starring Jerry Deep, Pretty Tye

(153 Votes)

Jerry Deep and Pretty Tye were playing one on one in the park. The game was close so they decided to make a bet. The loser had to suck the winner off. The game pressed hard then Jerry scored the winning shot so they went back to the house and Jerry leaned back and let Pretty suck his cock. He sucked him until he was rock hard and his dick was throbbing with pleasure. Pretty took his cock in his hand and jerked hard making Jerry shoot his load all over the place. Pretty was hard and turned on from it all and had to jerk himself off and cum.

Hot Gay Big Dick Ebony Hunks in Hardcore

Duration: 27m, 59s, Starring Darryl Harris, J.J., Trey Whitman, Ty Trent

(310 Votes)

Ty Trent and Trey Whitman are the type of black ebony dudes that you wish would stop by to show you the way of gay fucking. Since they are unlikely to show up on your doorstep, all you can do is sit back and watch them in action. Of course these aren't the only sexy ebony guys that end up stopping by during this seductive scene - Darryl Harris and J.J. end up popping in and showing off their massive and delicious dicks. There is so much tight black ass fucking that you would be amazed at all the action.

Hot Black Gay Thugs Sucking and Fucking

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Bobby Blake, Kyle Thomas

(226 Votes)

Bobby Blake is cruising around, looking for someone to meet his kinky needs. He finds Kyle Thomas after some time, and then it's time for the hottest black on black gay sex that you've ever seen. They both have big black dicks, so big that you might wonder how they even manage to fit those cocks into those tight asses. They love to pound away at each other, going harder and faster until they are ready to cum. I know I wanted to cum the second I saw them going at it, but by the end of it I was drenched in the sticky stuff.

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