Soloman Gets Company For A Blow Job

Duration: 17m, 58s, Starring Soloman

(583 Votes)

Chocolate gay man, Soloman, sits on the couch with his monster dick being polished by another ebony stud. He moans as his entire shaft is wrapped in big lips and swallowed all the way down a throat. Returning the favor he kneels in front of the other stud sucking it to make it stiff and hard. Soloman is large and in charge, bending his bitch over and ramming him from behind. With his dick inserted deep in his ass he slams his hips against his cheeks, squeezing his balls tight. In the end they sit side by side and jerk themselves off cumming all over their own chests.

Hunky Gay Black Musclemen Fuck on Bench

Duration: 9m, 37s, Starring Michael Rome, Winston Love

(268 Votes)

Winston Love and Michael Rome are not only the sexiest black studs to walk into this gym, they are also packing some of the most impressive looking chocolate cocks that I have ever seen. These well built ebony hotties don't even bother going home after their workout. Instead they want to go ahead and start getting nasty with each other, sucking each other off on the weight bench and lifting dick instead of lifting weights. It does look like this type of workout works much better than your typical gym routine - just look at those pecs.

Gay Dark Chocolate Gay Hotties

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Baib B Boi, Dennis Lincoln, Soloman

(434 Votes)

Dennis Lincoln and Soloman are both gorgeous gay hotties, and they find themselves alone and with plenty of time to spare for some frisky fun. First comes the kissing and licking. They can't get enough of each other, and they rub up against their hard bodies slowly and sensually. As they continue on, they end up getting so worked up that their massive black cocks are standing at full attention. Dennis ends up sucking off the much darker Soloman, taking that gorgeous gay black cock deep down his throat before taking a dicking.

Weightlifter Anally Slams Annoying Twerp

Duration: 12m, 6s, Starring Bobby Blake, Winston Love

(504 Votes)

This little cocksucker wants to be anally disciplined by a black muscle man! He walks into the pool, where the object of his desire, extremely muscular stud Bobby Blake, is pumping iron with his shirt off. This beefcake is super well built with the kind of pecs and impressive biceps that would get any man horny! While the muscle man continues to lift weight, the cocksucker gets down on his knees and surreptitiously begins to blow him! Soon the workout is abandoned and the anal slut is squealing and biting his own tongue as he gets dominantly ass fucked by this well hung ebony fucker. He also gets covered with the man's creamy cum.

Muscular Black Men Suck Monster Dicks

Duration: 21m, 55s, Starring Dennis Lee, Dennis Lincoln

(459 Votes)

Double D's , Dennis and Dennis are enjoying a sunny day in the loungers by the pool. These ebony studs may not need a tan but they still like to hang in the sun. One of the Dennis' offers a blow job to Dennis number two and it is quickly accepted. Bent over the chair he takes the monster dick into his mouth, making it grow as it gets harder. The other guy returns the favor wrapping his lips around the head of his cock and working his way all the way down the shaft. With his dick nice and wet he slips it into the others tight asshole, pounding him until they are both ready to pop.

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