Late Night Gay Gagging And Anal Session

Duration: 7m, 12s, Starring Duvios, Rock

(476 Votes)

It's late in the evening when these two horny gay guys get together on an Internet chat site. They talk on the phone, getting dirty with one another in some explicit phone sex and then decide to take things one step further. One of them travels to the other's apartment, striding in, unzipping his pants and shoving his cock into the startled young man's mouth. Grabbing him by the back of the head, he thrusts his massive prick hard down the guys throat, making him cough and splutter. Not letting up, he leads his buddy into the bedroom and slams him hard in the butthole, reaming that tight black ass and then filling him up with his cum.

Ebony Pimp Jerks Himself Off For You

Duration: 6m, 45s, Starring Big Daddy

(538 Votes)

Muscle bound ebony stud Big Daddy Porn lies back like a king on the bed. With one hand relaxed behind his head, he strokes himself off with the other. If you like big black dicks you will really appreciate this hot scene, because Big Daddy Porn has one of the nicest thick black cocks you'll every see. He strokes himself gently at first, closing his eyes and fantasizing about a hot gay sex scene. He gets faster and faster as he approaches his orgasm, and you can see those huge balls, already the size of small melons, begin to twitch as he pumps his spunk out in a thick spurt all over himself. Don't miss this incredible ebony stud.

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