Gay Baseball Team Fucking in Secret

Duration: 32m, 14s, Starring Dirk Addams, Kurt Summers, Lark Larson, Raphael Valentino

(351 Votes)

I can see there being a gay player or two on a team, but this team looks like it's just filled to the brim with gay guys. Kurt Summers, Dirk Addams, Lark Larson, and Raphael Valentino are all showing off their gay sides today, and they also don't know that they are gay. They end up going off in pairs after the game, sucking and fucking and moaning and never wondering what the rest of the guys were doing. It certainly is the kind of thing that is almost ironic, but you don't want to laugh, you just want to see them all fucking together.

Horny Baseball Plays Show Their Love

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Kurt Summers, Raphael Valentino

(286 Votes)

Kurt Summers and Raphael Valentino might know how to throw a ball and swing a bat, but they would much rather just fuck the hell out of each other at their house. They start out in the pool, slowly working each other's sore muscles. A good massage is always nice after a long game, but of course it doesn't stay as innocent as a massage. Hell no, he wouldn't be naked if that was the case. I love seeing the way they make love, because that's what it is in this porno - it's passionate and hot and hardcore.

Gay Baseball Plays Fucking at the Field

Duration: 21m, 34s, Starring Kurt Wagner, Mark Corino

(204 Votes)

If you have gay sports fantasies, then baseball is probably one of the better sports to fantasize about. I mean after all, they have a ton of bats, they have balls, and they even have all sorts of phallic and naughty references. Plus the whole pitcher and catcher thing - how can you resist that. Although they get started at the field, they do end up licking and sucking at each other in the house. They slowly start to lick at each other, and then it goes to them working each other's dicks with all sorts of gusto.

Cute Gay Twinks Sucking in the Window

Duration: 21m, 39s, Starring Chris Sullivan, Peter Long

(429 Votes)

I don't know about you, but usually when I have sex I try to stay away from wide and open windows - unless, of course, you really want to get found out by the entire neighborhood. If you want to do that then I can see why you would do that, kind of like Peter Long and Chris Sullivan. I love seeing them slowly working their mouths up and down on each other's cocks, and when it comes time for the 69 I am just dying. I love seeing 69s in gay porn, and I'm really surprised that I don't get to see it more often.

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