Two Guys Take A Dick Break At Work

Duration: 14m, 38s, Starring Tanner Reeves, Matt Windsor

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Tanner Reeves was new to the job and was working with Matt Windsor. As they painted the room it was break time, but neither guy wanted to get coffee or a smoke, they wanted to fuck! Tanner is the new man on the crew so he went to his knees and orally serviced Matt, sucking his cock until it was rock hard. Matt bent Tanner over and had him grab the ladder while he drove his cock into him from behind. He hammered that ass like he was framing a house. Tanner is not normally a bottom so his ass was so tight it didn't take Matt long to explode. As he came he pulled out and painted Tanners ass with the man gravy.

Four Jocks Fucking All Over The House

Duration: 26m, 18s, Starring Jay Huntington, Max Grand, Brett Hughes, Hank McAllister

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Chance Caldwell was in the bedroom licking Max Grand's ass. Once he got his ass nice and lubed up he laid him on his back, pulled his legs up and slammed his cock into Max's tight ass. As they fucked Brett Hughes and Hank McAllister were in the living room trading blowjobs. Hank bent over and let Brett hit him right in the tail pipe with that hard cock. All through the house the sounds of guys getting fucked deep and hard and loving every inch of that cock could be heard. Then, almost as if it were planned, all four guys stroked their cocks and came at the same time.

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