Four Horny Guys Have Hot Sex At Club

Duration: 26m, 17s, Starring Adam Kubick, Chad Driver, Martin Hoffman, Samuel Dolce

(1121 Votes)

This hot guy on guy clip begins with four young studs going to the men's club. They have a game of pool and a quiet drink, stripping down to their underwear while they play. You'll love watching their gorgeous bodies and rippling muscles. One of the guys goes off by himself, stripping down and enjoying some time out in the steam room. One of the other men follows him inside, grinning as he strokes his friend's bulge and then begins to suck his cock. Back in the pool room, the underwear clad couple that remains is having some horny suck and fuck action of their own. Don't miss these four gorgeous guys in this hardcore gay foursome!

Guys Have Furious Anal On Pool Table

Duration: 12m, 10s, Starring Chad Driver, Samuel Dolce

(482 Votes)

These horny gays are running riot! This clip begins with two well muscled gay men stripping off completely nude and kissing passionately up against a pool table. One guy gets down to his hands and knees, taking his muscular friend's impressive cock in his mouth and sucking it to the base. Once he has got the dick rock hard and lubricated with his saliva, the cocksucker bends over the table in doggy style and offers up his ass for penetration. His boyfriend deliriously hammers his butt, pounding at it like there's no tomorrow. The furious anal sex action continues for quite some time until the two good-looking men jack off over each other.

Young Man Gets Spitroasted In Spa Pool

Duration: 26m, 7s, Starring Jay Renfro, Joska Kalvoda, Zack Jones

(805 Votes)

Three attractive studs meet in the pool of a gay men's club. In the stylish underground pool, they swim closer and closer together, finally coming together in a tangle of arms, legs and cocks. There is some play fighting in the pool and then they go to the bathroom for a quick shower before they hop in to the jacuzzi. There, the action gets more heated, as they take turns sucking each others' erect cocks. Then one tender lad gets spit roasted, getting fucked in his ass from one end while the other end gets stuffed with rock hard cock. He moans as he gags on the cock in his mouth, jerking himself off while he gets ass fucked.

Horny Stud Fucked Up Ass On The Stairs

Duration: 15m, 45s, Starring Jason Foxx, Stephan Biggar

(233 Votes)

The action is fast and furious in the gay men's club! One guy is walking up the steps, clad only in a towel, when he brushes past another man on his way down, this time completely nude. The two men stop in the middle of the steps, with the naked man reaching out to remove the towel from around his new buddy's waist. He reaches out to grip his thick cock in his hand, murmuring appreciatively as he strokes it into an erection. He drops to his knees, pushing the other man up against the wall as he engulfs his cock in his mouth and begins to deepthroat. Then he bends over, hanging onto the handrail as the cock slides into his ass.

Hunky Dudes Have Hot Anal After Jacuzzi

Duration: 21m, 18s, Starring Adam Kubick, Martin Hoffman, Skylar Rolland

(408 Votes)

Two good-looking young studs are enjoying themselves in the jacuzzi. They pop out, toweling off their naked bodies. Then the fun really begins, as they kiss passionately and then one guy bends over, offering up his ass hole to be licked and fingered by his friend. Unbeknownst to them, there is another young man watching from an adjacent jacuzzi. He strokes his thick cock and watches in appreciation as the guys start a bout of violent anal sex. The guy who was having his ass fingered takes a hardcore butt reaming, squealing and screwing up his face in pain and pleasure as his bowels get pushed back. The two studs cum on each other.

Hardcore Studs Terrorize Young Twink

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Adam Kubick, Martin Hoffman, Skylar Rolland

(335 Votes)

This scene opens on two good-looking Caucasian studs, getting dirty in their dorm room. One guy is giving his buddy some serious oral attention, licking all over his cock, paying special attention to his testicles and even licking his ass hole. Then the cocksucker gets laid on his back, while his dominant buddy fucks ass with a dildo and then slides his cock right inside. He is halfway through giving this young cocksucker a good ass pounding when a third man walks in, removing his towel to reveal a rock hard penis, which he shoves in the cocksucker's mouth. Together, these two dominant guys really do a job on this poor young twink.

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