Fernando Montoya Gets Initiated In to The Frat

Duration: 30m, 54s, Starring Chase Chandler, Fernando Montoya

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Fernando Montoya and Chase Chandler are both looking to join the frat, but to do so they have to have some rather interesting sexual acts fulfilled first. That is to say, that their frat wants them to have sex with each other. These guys are as straight as can be, so they aren't exactly thrilled at the thought of dick sucking and fucking. But they really want to be in this frat, so they're making sure to follow all of the rules and make sure that they do everything that is expected of them. And they certainly end up enjoying it.

Gorgeous Young Fraternity Initiate Busted Right In His Ass

Duration: 22m, 28s, Starring Dean Marx, Matt Mathews

(384 Votes)

Gorgeous stud Matt never knew what he was letting himself in for when he wanted to join this fraternity - but he is definitely going to have to go all the way! He is shy, trying to hide his cock and balls as he is ordered to strip completely nude by his hooded initiator. The initiator reaches out and starts to jack Matt off, drawing him to an unwilling erection - but he is fucking hung! The initiator, who has his face masked but is otherwise nude, tells the well muscled stud to get on his knees and start sucking - and then he bends him over and reams him right in his virginal ass hole! There are great close-ups of Matt's pained face.

Frat Boy Fucked By Alumni Gimp

Duration: 26m, 50s, Starring Marc Winters, Riddick

(204 Votes)

Riddick wants to introduce Marc Winters to his large third leg, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his frat's basement, Marc gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Riddick's penis out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the blowjobs to get their asses good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Fucking hard, the cum comes fast, and gets everywhere!

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