Young Army Stud Blindfolded For Oral Sex

Duration: 28m, 29s, Starring Josh, Zane

(685 Votes)

Zane is an extremely cute young stud who has just got out of the army. Needing brotherhood and camaraderie, he decides to join a fraternity - and his ex-military service means that he is extremely good at following orders! He doesn't hesitate to strip and allow his hands to be tied behind his back; even when he gets bent over, blindfolded, and has multiple fingers shoved in his ass, he barely whimpers! He is also a hungry young cocksucker, going down on his superiors and eagerly using his mouth to get them off. Of course, with his hands tied behind his back, he can only use his moist, open mouth - but he still makes his captors jizz!

Young Initiate Pounded In His Tight Ass

Duration: 36m, 53s, Starring George

(387 Votes)

Damn - this guy is seriously sexy! George is a phenomenally cute young college stud, desperate for the acceptance that initiation into his favorite fraternity is going to bring. However, he has got a serious ritual to get through first - one which is going to involve getting jerked off, ass fucked with a huge dildo, and delivering a blindfolded blow job at the end! George isn't shy about stripping and showing his toned, perfectly proportioned body - and when his cock is put on display, it's a nice hard piece! However, it's very gratifying to watch him have his hands tied behind his back and get pounded in the ass with a oversized sex toy.

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