Tough Guy Jerked Off For His Initiation

Duration: 22m, 6s, Starring Gary

(259 Votes)

Gary obviously thinks he is a bit of a tough guy, but he gets completely broken down and turned in to an anal butt slave in this nasty frat initiation. He tries to play it hard at the beginning of the video, but he soon starts to look a bit nervous as he is stripped off and blindfolded on camera. With the spotlight on him, you can't see his initiator; all you can see are the initiator's hands as they jerk the naked and blindfolded man to an erection! Gary also seems to have a bit of a problem with premature ejaculation, with only a few strokes of his hard dick necessary to get a dribble of hot jizz leaking out of eye of his penis.

Gorgeous Young Blond Has A Bulging Cock

Duration: 18m, 39s, Starring Justin

(268 Votes)

Now this guy has got one fucking nice body! Blond farmboy Justin has got a trim and toned body honed by years of manual labour; he's got mouthwatering muscles! He strips in front of the camera and is blindfolded by his initiator, who then squeezes his cock and balls through his underpants and then pulls them right off. Justin's big hard cock springs to attention, already completely erect and straining for release. The masked initiator bends down and starts to suck him off, and Justin inadvertently starts thrusting into his mouth - this young buck needs to cum! He also shows off his own blow job skills, doing oral with the blindfold still on.

Young Frat Guys Made To Suck Bare Dick

Duration: 34m, 34s, Starring Brandon, Marcus

(424 Votes)

When young straight studs Marcus and Brandon signed up to be initiated into this fraternity, they had no fucking idea what they were letting themselves in for! They are ordered to strip down to their underpants and then blindfolded, standing in front of the camera in a humiliating fashion. Just when they think that things can't get any worse, they are stripped completely nude and jerked off by another masked frat guy! The guys are ordered to kneel in front of each other and to suck each others' dicks, and although they whimper and complain, they still comply, showing off a natural talent for slurping down a cock and swallowing sperm.

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