Pizza Guy Delivers Pizza And Fucks Guy

Duration: 16m, 59s, Starring Mauricio Negrao, Pablo Picaco

(1100 Votes)

We start off with a single guy who has just put on his bathrobe and turns on the TV to watch some porn and masturbate. Then there's a knock at the door and it appears to be a pizza delivery guy. The delivery guy sees the porn and they start making out. The house guys bathrobe comes off and the pizza guy gets his shirt and pants stripped off. As they're making out the pizza guys underwear also comes off and they sit on the couch as the house guy starts giving the pizza guy a hand job shortly before he starts giving him head. Before long the pizza guy has the house guy bent over and is fucking him hardcore.

Two Hot Sexy Guys Fuck Each Other Hard

Duration: 14m, 28s, Starring Ed Junior, Marcio Pittbull

(1256 Votes)

We start off with two guys in a room, one in just shorts and the other in shorts and a shirt. They end up looking at a sexy magazine and one of them starts to get excited. Before long the guy in the shirt and blue shorts has his shirt off and the other guy is licking and kissing his chest. Then his shorts come off to expose an impressive bulge in his underwear.Then the other guys shorts come off as well, right before he starts sucking on the first guys long hard cock. Then the second guys underwear comes off and the first guy starts sucking on his long hard dick. Before long the first guy is getting his dick ridden by the other guys ass hole.

Two Hot Guys Go At It Hardcore In A Room

Duration: 13m, 35s, Starring Hector Henrique, Julio Romano

(827 Votes)

We start off with one guy who appears to be at the gym and he meets another guy. Then they meet in a room and very quickly they're making out. Before long they're both in their underwear and making out on the bed. Before long one guys underwear comes off and the other guy is licking his ass, then they switch positions and the other guys underwear comes off and the first guy is licking his ass. Then the first guy is sucking on the second guys long hard cock, taking it eagerly into his mouth, and pretty soon the first guy has his ass getting fucked by the second guys long hard cock. They switch positions quickly and keep fucking hardcore.

Two Good Looking Guys Go At It Outside

Duration: 16m, 45s, Starring Alexandre Senna, Roger Andrade

(282 Votes)

We start off with a hot gardening guy working on some landscaping. Then we shoot to another guy who is chopping some wood, and the gardening guy joins him. Before long they're making out and pretty soon the gardening guy is sucking on the chopping guys long hard dick. Before long they're both naked and rubbing their dicks together and watching each other give themselves hand jobs. Before long they're taking turns sucking each others long hard cocks, taking them in and out of their mouths eagerly. Before too much longer the landscaping guy is getting fucked hard in the ass by the chopping guy.

Two Good Looking Guys Go At It Hardcore

Duration: 15m, 37s, Starring Dimas Martins, Marco Axel

(2642 Votes)

We start off in a busy area and then show a office type area before going to bedroom where two guys meet. Before long they both have their shirts off and are making out. Pretty soon they're both stripped down to their underwear and making out on the bed. Before long one's underwear comes off and the other guy starts playing with his ass hole.Then his underwear comes off shortly before he starts licking the other guys ass and grundle.Then the first guy gets his dick sucked by the second guy shortly before the first guy sticks his dick in the second guys ass hole and starts fucking him hardcore.

Horny Dudes Have Hot Romantic Anal Sex

Duration: 20m, 26s, Starring Julio Vidal, Marcio Pittbull

(654 Votes)

Two horny Brazilian beef cakes book into a private hotel for some sexy one on one time. These guys have been gagging at the bit to get into each others' asses, and now's their chance! They put some romantic music on before they take turns going down on each other. The cocksucking action soon turns to ass licking, as they guys bend over and offer up their tight bung holes for oral pleasuring. What sexy romantic getaway could be complete without some hardcore sodomy, and the guys take turns fucking each other hard and deep in the ass. They jerk off onto each other to complete this hot gay anal sex movie - very hot stuff!

Hunk Grunts While Rough Fucked In Ass

Duration: 15m, 23s, Starring Amauri de Oliveira, Marcio Rosa

(1079 Votes)

A good looking stud is sitting on a couch in the sun, reading the newspaper at a campsite. Just then, the barbecue chef walks up, obviously attracted by the good-looking Brazilian guy's charm. The two hit it off immediately, and the stud can see that the cook has that cocksucking look in his eye. He unzips his pants and offers his semi erect penis to the cock hungry chef. Of course, this is exactly what the chef has been waiting for, and he buries the prick inside his mouth. Once he has got his new friend rock hard, he bends over, pulling his ass cheeks apart and baring his anus. He grunts as he takes a rough anal drilling.

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