Server Gets Blowjob From Horny Cafe Goer

Duration: 30m, 7s, Starring Lukas, Vinnie Marino

(623 Votes)

Lukas has been a barista for a couple months now and he loves working in the cafe. All kinds of hot guys come through and he gets to make them their coffee just the way they like. But once in a while he also gets to keep on around after hours to play with if they're interested and today Vinne Marino is definitely interested. So after the doors close to the cafe for the day the two of them pour some coffee and start to chat which leads right into some serious dick sucking. One of them finally gets a rimmer.

Gay Guys Fuck Under The Moonlight

Duration: 25m, 38s, Starring Pedro, Rocky Ogaranhao

(432 Votes)

Rocky and Pedro were having some fun outside at night, with some champagne, and some nudity, of course. How could you resist a beefy guy standing around with his cock out? He couldn't resist it with his eyes, hands or his mouth, as he got in his friend's lap with his lips and started sucking that stiff boner. He got on his knees to suck even deeper, making sure it was perfectly stiff before jumping in his lap and riding his cock. As the stars shined down on these two smooth gay Latinos, his ass got pulverized in all positions, making his moans echo through the night before he took his hot load of cum all over his ripped stomach.

Hot Latinos Fucking on the Deck

Duration: 26m, 14s, Starring Juan Menendez, Michael George

(610 Votes)

Juan Menendez is a hunky Latino that is gay through and through, and he wants to show his friend just how much fun it is. Michael George doesn't seem to be shying away from it at all, so we have a Latino gay fuckfest on our hands. They don't even bother going inside either - they are right on the deck in front of a big patio window. They get bent over in no time flat after some quick dick sucking, and after they get done with that they do the deep and dirty dicking. They work those cocks in nice and deep, going slower and slower.

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