Little Blond Twink Banged In Rear End

Duration: 22m, 29s, Starring Glasius Ice, Ryan Patrick

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This young blond twink is fishing by himself in the woods. He gasps when he looks up and sees another dude watching him - and he's got his cock out while he masturbates! The twink immediately loses interest in his fishing, laying down his pole and making haste to that delicious dick. Soon the young blond is down on his knees, his head bobbing up and down on the tool, gobbling the stranger's meat. The two young men, now bereft of their clothes, retire to the back of the truck, where the cocksucking continues. Then the young blond gets fucked hard in his tight little butt - he even gets creamed right up his dirty little ass hole!

Anal Virgin Hard Fucked In Back Of Truck

Duration: 16m, 40s, Starring Roger Rodriguez

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A fight with water pistols soon turns in to playing with guns of different sort - and getting sprayed with something other than water! These two gorgeous young dudes have both got magnificent dicks, much larger than you would expect given their skinny and well toned bodies. It's daylight when they start sucking each others' dicks, but it's well in to the night when they finally both spurt on each others' cocks after a hard evening of dirty ass fucking! One of the guys is quite inexperienced in anal sex, begging his friend to take it slow as he opens up his anus; but he has no such luck, taking a hard and rough fucking from the other man!

Two Hot Young Dudes Jerk Off On The Hood

Duration: 17m, 30s, Starring Kaden Roads, Young Gun

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Boys will be boys! Fresh out of school, young studs Kaden and Young Gun are ready to get their fuck on! They are cleaning a vehicle at the campsite in nothing more than their underpants; both guys have got hard, muscular young bodies with sizeable bulges in their undies! They playfully start spraying each other in the crotch, but that only serves to make them hotter. They push each other up against the side of the vehicle, rubbing each others' dicks and then squatting down to suck each other off. There's no penetration in this video; the guys stick to the nasty oral, and then they jack off side by side on the hood of the truck.

Young College Guys Get Naked In Truck

Duration: 20m, 24s, Starring Brad Michaels, Kaden Roads

(229 Votes)

Fun loving college coed guys Kaden and Brad are washing the jeep. The playful guys spray each other with the hose, soaking each other through to the skin; piece by piece, the clothes come off! Kaden jumps up on top of the vehicle, sitting on the roof and proclaiming that he is the king - as soon as he is in the seated position, Brad gets in between his thighs, pulls down his pants and starts sucking on his cock! The guys retire to the back of the half cleaned truck, getting completely nude and sucking each others' dicks good. Then Brad gets on top of his buddy, taking the full length of his erect shaft up his tight butt and grinding!

Sexy Summer Studs Suck Each Other Off

Duration: 27m, 39s, Starring Kai Summers

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It's a boiling hot day at the camping ground, and so these two good-looking young dudes playfully chase each other around the grounds, spraying each other with the hose. Soon they're both soaking wet, admiring the bulges in each others' shorts! The two men start sucking each others' dicks; one of them even gets lifted up onto the air for a mid-air 69! Then it's anal sex time, although the men retire to the back of their van for a little bit more privacy; there they can go buck wild with the hard doggystyle anal with no fear of discovery! Both of these young guys have got superb dicks and amazing bodies - they'll definitely get you hard!

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