Gay Boss Ass Fucks His Straight Employee

Duration: 17m, 12s, Starring Andre Brizzo, Bruno Montepiano, Gabriel Dos Santos

(1663 Votes)

A worker is called into the boss's office and threatened with demotion or redundancy. He is desperate for a job, because he has a wife and two little rascals to feed at home. He knows that he has to do whatever it takes to keep his job, and he also knows that his bosses a raving homosexual. He looks directly at his boss's crotch and asks whether he wants a blowjob. This is just what the boss has been waiting for and he thrusts his penis into his worker's mouth, enjoying the look of disgust on the straight guy's face as he is swallowing down some boss cock. Then the boss bends his straight worker over, slamming him in his tight butt and filling it with spunk.

New Guy On Site Ass Fucked By Older Man

Duration: 15m, 18s, Starring Eliezer Rodrigues, Igor dos Santos

(777 Votes)

It's time for the new guy on the construction site to pay his dues. One of the more experienced workers catches him in the corner, weighed down with a box full of tools. He orders the younger man into the corner, telling him to put down his tools and pull down his pants. The young man complies, lying face down with his buttocks exposed. The older man gives him a rough fingering before he spits on the hole, sliding his impossibly large penis in to that tight rear end. He begins to shove his prick deeper and harder into the young man's anus. He gives the new guy a good ass fucking, finally cumming right inside his butt.

Crazed Gay Sex On This Construction Site

Duration: 39m, 54s, Starring Andre Brizzo, Beto Robeiro, Gabriel Coelho, Gabriel Dos Santos, Patrick Oliveira

(599 Votes)

There's sexual madness in this crazy Brazilian construction site! The boss is showing two new workers around when they walk around the corner and almost bang into a pair of workers who are getting it on in a darkened corner. The two new guys are shocked to see two members of their new team sucking each other off and then having hard anal. The guys don't even stop when they are interrupted by the three newcomers! In another room, the boss makes his moves on his new employees, stroking their butts through their jeans. The guys know what to do, getting down on their knees and taking the new boss' cock in their mouth and sucking it good.

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