Ebony Cocksucker Gives Up His Tight Ass Hole In The Shower

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Brookland Jones, Tyron B

(244 Votes)

Big cock homosexual black male Tyron is having a quick masturbation session on the toilet. He lets the shower run to cover the noise of his fapping while he pumps his long black cock in what he thinks is privacy. Suddenly the door swings open - it's his dark skinned roommate Brookland, who is hungry for some meat in his mouth! He squats on the toilet floor in front of his boyfriend, sucking his dick to the base and even managing to tickle the ball sack with his tongue while he deepthroats. The two men retire to the shower, letting the hot water lap over them as Brookland leans forward and gives up his ass to the alpha male fucker.

Ghetto Thug Darrel Pumps Off His Enormous Black Member

Duration: 10m, 29s, Starring Darrel L

(196 Votes)

Meet Darrel, a gangster ghetto thug with a truly whopping cock! He sits in the privacy of his bedroom, smoking on his bed and playing with himself. Viewed from this position, your mouth will be watering as you watch his rippling abs move while he pumps his dick. He has got gorgeous toned muscles, not too beefy but certainly not skinny either - but that prick really takes the cake! Darrel's got nice thick pubes like a man should, and his pole seems to get bigger and bigger the more he plays with it. He finishes his cigarette and then gets more intense with the cock stroking action, sending a huge jet of sperm all over those flat abdominals.

Andre T Loves Sticking His Dick In Another Mans Ass

Duration: 4m, 57s, Starring Andre T

(660 Votes)

Perfect Body Latino Stud Ron Pumps Off His Big Hard Dick

Duration: 5m, Starring Ron P

(242 Votes)

Big dick Latino stud Ron is sexy as fuck! The gorgeous young stud has a quite jerk off session one evening in his room, and you get to watch! Ron has got a perfect body, extremely toned with barely an ounce of fat, and that sensational mix of leanness and muscle. He is also packing where it counts - that cock is superb! In true Latino fashion he has got some thick, masculine pubes that only add to his sex appeal. He holds the remote in one hand, flicking from channel to channel whilst he pumps his dick with his other hand, stroking it hard. After an epic wank session, he spurts all over his muscular abs, drenching his own pubic hair.

Black Muscle Stud Surprised In Shower With A Sloppy Blowjob

Duration: 6m, 48s, Starring Bekim, Standly K

(262 Votes)

Shaven headed black stud Standly is trying to take a shower when his horny boyfriend Bekim lets himself into the bathroom. What virile guy is going to turn down a free blowjob? Standly watches in satisfaction as his slutty cocksucker of a boyfriend gets down on his knees, sucking the ebony dick right down to the balls. Standly even turns around, pulling his ass cheeks apart while Bekim licks his ass crack up and down, inserting his tongue right into Standly's ring piece. After Standly has blown his load in Bekim's mouth, he pays his man back for the oral with some divine dick slurping and jizz swallowing action of his own.

Gay Cuban Hunk Lubes Up for a Night Alone

Duration: 4m, 9s, Starring Tyler Cox

(131 Votes)

Tyler Cox is a hot gay Latino man that just keeps striking out with all the other boys. So tonight he's set himself up a date-night all for himself. He's got his favorite porno going, a nice jar of lube so if he wants to go again he can, and he's set his room up just the way he likes. Laying down he starts jerking it slow, playing with the tip a lot before running his fingers back down the shaft to play with his balls and then running back up to play with the tip of his monstrous cock again! Cubans always get their man.

Gay Anal Fingering in the Weight-room

Duration: 11m, 12s, Starring Coby T, Shawn T

(1516 Votes)

Things open up with Coby and Shawn already making out half-naked in the weight-room. Boxers and towels are all the material these men needed to bring because they knew it wasn't iron they'd be pumping! They get onto the weight-bench and Shawn gets Cody ready with his fingers, spreading Cody's cheeks and prepping his cute little asshole. Cody's blowjob is his reward but neither can take the passion they're both feeling because they both need to finish right here and now! Cumshot after cumshot that they'll be taking to the showers.

Cuban Rubbing his One Cigar Rough

Duration: 2m, 23s, Starring Derek J

(155 Votes)

Derek J missed out on picking this one hot Latino guy tonight, but he's not going to feel bad about it. He might run into him another time. Instead he'll get himself off tonight and let us watch! He lays out on his bed, playing with his mighty large prick and rubbing it hard. He's got a porno going, but all he's really thinking about is that sweet Latino guy's hot ass, and thick lips. How much better they'd feel around his dick instead of his fist! And as he's thinking about that he starts to moan!

Weightlifting Stud Gets A Surprise Cocksucking At The Gym

Duration: 14m, 16s, Starring Brian Stone, Scott Tanner

(317 Votes)

This is one motherfucking horny cocksucker! Muscle studs Brian is pumping iron in the gym when he gets jumped by horny dick slurper Scott. Brian barely has time to put the weights down as Scott pulls down his pants and start sucking while the stud is momentarily helpless on the weight bench! Although he is annoyed that his workout has been interrupted, Scott has got a sweet cocksucking mouth on him and so Brian lets him finish. Scott looks up with his messy mouth, wiping a stream of saliva away from his lips as he begs for anal so Brian slips on a rubber and fucks the submissive bottom slut in his tight black ass until he spurts.

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