Young Gays Have Hot Anal Fuck In Kitchen

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Darien Leon, Flavo De Silva

(960 Votes)

Two old school friends hook up one morning. They are in the kitchen, dressed only in their towerls and underwear, and they clearly admire each others' well toned bodies. They begin to kiss up against the kitchen counter, with one guy dropping to his knees to take his friend's pole, jerking it and spitting on it. Then he bends over, holding his hairy ass cheeks apart and allowing his gay buddy to enter him from the rear end. He moans as his sphincter gets roughly pushed in and out by his dominant buddy. However, he wants to get in some thrusting time as well, giving it to his friend on the kitchen table. The guys rub their cocks together.

Big Dick Latinos Balls Deep in Ass

Duration: 22m, 34s, Starring Manuel Jacques, Rafael Menendez

(1880 Votes)

Manuel Jacques and Rafael Menendez both have giant dicks and they aren't afraid to use them. I love seeing a big Latino dick to begin with, so when you have two in the same room it's almost like a party. It doesn't take long for one of them to get on his knees to start with the sucking, and when he starts playing with the nipples it doesn't take long for them to want something more than just dick sucking. They end up going all the way, and that giant dick is all the way in - every last damn inch.

Two Latin Guys Play Hide The Dick

Duration: 16m, 35s, Starring Diego Lozano, Leon Paiva

(1263 Votes)

Leon Paiva was sitting in the living room reading a dirty magazine when Diego Lozano came in and saw him rubbing his cock so he walked over, pulled his dick out and started sucking it. Once he had him rock hard he backed up and sat down on that hard dick, taking it deep in his ass and riding him while Leon reached around stroked his tool. Leon fucked Diego's ass, hitting it like it owned him money then he bent him over the chair and really started slamming him with some balls swinging thrusts. He hit that ass until he couldn't hold out then he pulled out and came all over Diego's back.

Birthday Boy Gets A Hot Anal Present

Duration: 18m, 5s, Starring Lucas de Donas, Nicolas Ramirez

(608 Votes)

A good-looking guy with curly hair is feeling depressed. It's his birthday, but everyone seems to have forgotten or they just can't be bothered giving him any presents. He is complaining about it to his friend, when his buddy offers a suggestion. His friend doesn't have any money, but he can give him something else - a sloppy blowjob followed by some anal! The curly haired guy vigorously pushes his buddy's face down on his cock, making him gag. Then his friend bends over, allowing the birthday boy to hammer his tight butthole. Of course, the curly haired man feels bad that he hasn't paid his friend back, so he lies on his back for anal.

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