Huge Cocked Guy Jerks Himself Off Good

Duration: 14m, 28s, Starring Andrew Aston

(388 Votes)

We start off with Andrew walking around his kitchen, grabbing a banana, eating it and talking on the phone. As he's talking he rubs his hand on his dick. After he gets off the phone he continues to eat the banana and rub his dick under his underwear making it long and hard. After he finishes the banana he continues to rub his cock and touch himself, lifting his shirt behind his head so his chest is bare. He then frees his huge cock from his shorts and continues to jerk off. His underwear comes off and he continues to stroke his cock, fingering the head of it as well. He sits on the counter, continuing to stroke himself and watch his cock.

Hot Guy Masterbates And Cums On Himself

Duration: 14m, 52s, Starring Joe Reagan

(370 Votes)

We start off with Andrew, a hot dude who we see a picture of and then find out hes chilling. As we watch he starts flicking his hand over is butt and then turns over to pull out his shlong and start jerking off and playing with his balls. As we watch he continues to stroke his long hard dong and he then takes off his panties. He continues to stroke his meatstick for a while before he gets up, puts his thongs on, goes back inside, and pulls his cock back out to keep stroking on it. He takes off his underwear again and continues to stroke his penis good and hard probing his balls as he does. He finally blows his enormous load all over his abdomen.

Gorgeous Hunk Of Man Jerks Himself Off

Duration: 11m, 19s, Starring Chris Stevens

(945 Votes)

Do you like good-looking gym studs? If so, your cock will be rock hard as you watch good-looking gym bunny Chris Stevens get naked and masturbate on the couch. Chris gets completely nude while he is watching gay porn on the TV, stroking his cock to a full erection. Chris is both spectacularly good looking and he also has flat washboard abs and a well chiselled, muscular body. His cock is nice and thick, just long enough to fill up an ass hole good. He jerks himself halfway, pausing to taste his own precum before he spunks off all over his own stomach. Wouldn't you love to wrap your cocksucking lips around that sweet prick?

Athletic Hunk Stroking His Big Dick

Duration: 14m, 18s, Starring Henry McCoy

(194 Votes)

Henry McCoy has one of those bodies that should just be outlawed because they are to fucking fine. He has the tightest ass I have ever seen, with ass muscles that could probably punch you out all by themselves. His chest is nice and hunky too, and he has absolutely no body hair what so ever. If you like them smooth, you can't get much smoother than Henry. He goes for a length strip tease, so he probably is a real stripper - he knows just how to make you want more and more. Then his cock comes out and it's all you can look at - so fucking delicious.

Big Dick Stud Masturbating Poolside

Duration: 8m, 29s, Starring Nick Downs

(232 Votes)

You can tan in the nude, so why not get a tan and get yourself off at the same time? Apparently this makes perfect sense to Nick Downs, who dives in to the pool completely naked. After a quick swim, he pops out, lays down poolside, and then starts rubbing his big cock. His dick is delicious and gigantic, so it was plenty of eye candy for me. I love watching his hand going nice and slow up and down his shaft, and his tight ass is just so fucking incredible. He also has a little bit of body art which looks great too.

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