Horny Gay Builders Fuck Some Tight Ass

Duration: 22m, 6s, Starring Bobby Nagle, Cade Roberts

(86 Votes)

These horny builders can't take the heat any longer - they are so aroused by watching each other working all day, standing those heavy power tools so manfully, that they can't resist sucking on each others' proud cocks anymore. They get naked right in the middle of all of their painting gear, fellating each other right down to the base and getting ready for anal. They take turns fucking each others' tight assholes, jerking each other off and giving each other the reach around while they do so. By the end of the scene, the paint on the walls has been joined by generous sprays of hot spunk all over the walls and ceiling.

Athletic Gay Guys Getting Hardcore

Duration: 15m, 42s, Starring Eric Simmons, Frank Sterling

(125 Votes)

You would never think of athletic men being gay - but could you imagine not wanting to get a piece of sculpted man meat when you spend all day in the gym, watching all sorts of sweaty guys and wanting to just get a piece of tight ass all day long. Eric Simmons and Frank Sterling slowly work on each other, going back into a secluded room and stripping each other down slowly. Their bodies are well muscled and simply spectacular, and the way they suck and fuck each other really shows their true intensity towards gay sex.

Wannabe Gang Banger Bangs Mark Handler

Duration: 20m, 33s, Starring Jason Reddy, Mark Handler

(59 Votes)

A straight laced college student finds himself befriended by a tough and streetwise young gangsta. The gangsta sneaks into the college student's room one night, sitting teasingly on the edge of the bed and looking cool. He can see the lust plainly in the straight laced guy's eyes - he wants to get his lips wrapped around that bad boy cock! It's not long before they are fully nude on the bed, and the bandanna clad gangsta is reaming his young friend in the ass hole. He pumps him savagely and puts a hand over his mouth so that his cries won't wake his parents down below. He pulls out at the last minute, and both guys spunk off together.

Horny Gay Coworkers Fuck On The Floor

Duration: 12m, 23s, Starring Nick Manetti, Rick Van

(79 Votes)

Horny gay studs Nick Manetti and Rick Van have been eying each other up across the office for weeks. One day they find themselves alone at work together. They seize the opportunity, stripping naked and lying in a passionate 69 embrace right on the floor. Anyone could walk in, but they just don't care - these horny gays need to spunk! After both their cocks are slippery and hard, one guy bends doggystyle over one of the tables and pulls his ass cheeks apart. The dominant friend slams him in the ass, reaching around underneath the table to jack the lucky guy's penis while he fucks his butt. They swap around a few times in the quest to cum.

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