Giant Cock Gays Fucking in Brush

Duration: 21m, 50s, Starring Gura, Pete Ross

(224 Votes)

There is nothing like spring to ignite the passions of two big dicked gay hotties, so we find Pete Ross and Gura rolling around in the under bush with each other. It probably isn't the most comfortable place to have sex, but comfort is most likely the last thing on their minds. They just want to roll around in the dirt with each other, crossing their flesh swords and going to town on each other. They moan and groan as they move, tasting each other's dicks and working up to that grand finale of fucking.

Blond and Brunette Gays in the Outdoors

Duration: 20m, 35s, Starring Angel, Pete Ross

(189 Votes)

Pete Ross and Angel know how to put on a great show, whether they're just making out in the woods or they're actually going for broke with intense gay ass fucking. They start off by comparing cock size, with Pete pulling their flesh swords together and rubbing them around each other. Then he kindly starts masturbating them both at once, working his hands up and down in tandem. All the while, he's lip locking with his new found friend, getting him ready for the feel of that dick sliding deep in his tight ass.

Two Gay Studs Fucking Outside

Duration: 17m, 23s, Starring Juan, Pete Ross

(251 Votes)

Pete Ross and Juan are both packing rather impressive looking meat missiles in their pants - they compare dick size for shits and giggles, and it turns out that the pair of them both have about the same size dick. This works out great for them, for sure, and they start with the whacking. No one is going to find them in this romantic and relaxing outdoor setting. The sun beats down as they beat off, and they end up concluding their sex filled getaway by pushing that big dick nice and slow into Juan's tight ass.

Sexy Gay Twinks Fuck Under The Sun

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Gaby, Pete Ross

(353 Votes)

Under the bright sun and along the lush greens of the grass, these two twinks were naked and rubbing their bodies into each other, catching a feel of their warmth while their cocks swelled up together. Pete and Gaby were planning on having some fun, as Pete dropped to his knees and took Gaby's cock into his mouth and all the way down his throat. He kept bobbing his head up and down his shaft, penetrating his throat with his pecker, and then he bent over so he could feel that swollen dick deep inside his butt. He made sure to stuff his ass as deep as possible, and then he shot his hot load of cum all over his bare white ass.

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