Two Guys Beg For Stud's Massive Cum Load

Duration: 19m, 31s, Starring Armando Bailey, Tyson Cocks, Zoltan Trust

(244 Votes)

Three horny homosexuals get it on in this classic gay threesome scene. One guy sits in the middle, and it's initially unclear whether he is the pitcher or catcher. He manages to convince both of the guys to go down on him, but soon he finds himself having his own ass fingered and he even takes a cock in it. Soon everyone is fucking everyone, with no regard for whose hole is whose. The guy in the green shirt regains his composure once again towards the end of the clip, as he orders both of the fucked out homos to kneel and lift up their faces, to receive his spraying load.

Big Cock Finds Its Way In The Dude's Ass

Duration: 16m, 3s, Starring Daren Down, Trystin Buck

(138 Votes)

As soon as the pants came off of his buddy, his dick was all the way inside of his mouth and down his throat! Don't blink, or else you might miss this guy slipping his swelling pecker between his lips, bobbing his head up and down his erection and licking his balls while rubbing his asshole. He took off his own clothes while giving head, showing him how badly he wanted to be taken in his ass. He was moaning loud right away with the first thrust inside of his butthole, as his friend rammed him from behind, grabbing him by the hips while he stroked himself. He got on top of him and spread his legs wide before pulling out and cumming on him.

Submissive Leather Slave Offers His Ass

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Daren Down, Kevin Roberts

(208 Votes)

This horny clip begins in a standard fashion, with two men stripping and then sucking each others' pricks. What's funny is that the more dominant of the two has a pair of cycling gloves on, a black leather number that he uses to spank his buddy in the ensuing anal sex. He loves rubbing those leather gloves all over his submissive friend's flesh, fingering his ass hole before he fucks it. His buddy is virtually drooling with desire as he gets slapped and choked by the leather glove, and he bends over, offering up his asshole for some of his deepest and roughest anal sex.

Nervous Guy Takes Meaty Cock In His Ass

Duration: 19m, 2s, Starring Daren Down, Max Saddlesore

(157 Votes)

After they hook up at a gay bar, these two horny homosexuals can't wait to get into each others' pants. They leave early, not even waiting to say goodbye to their friends - they're that eager to get home and start fucking! Once they're home on the couch, they are virtually drooling as they rub each others' hard pricks through their pants before they get naked. There is some brief oral, but this clip is mostly about hard anal sex, as the more fleshy of the two men gets his bum reamed by his more muscular better. You can see a look of mild alarm in his eyes as the guy on top goes a bit wild, giving it to him with his thick, meaty cock.

Rich Stud Bangs Young Toy Boy In Asshole

Duration: 18m, 49s, Starring Dilroop Colt, Rusty Bone

(202 Votes)

This sex crazed millionaire has picked himself up a gorgeous boy-toy for the night's pleasure. He takes him back to his hotel room, sitting down on the couch in sensual fashion. The young queer can't wait to get into his boss's pants, pulling them down to around his ankles and engulfing his stiff prick with his mouth. The rich man stares in amazement, momentarily stunned at the sight of this sensational young man sucking on his rigid pole. He can't believe it's real! He bangs this young twink all night, and with each deep thrust the young stud begs for it even more; it's a wonder that his tiny ass can withstand that cock!

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