Straight Guys Having First Gay Sex

Duration: 19m, 5s, Starring Pee Wee, Wyatt

(355 Votes)

Pee Wee and Wyatt might have come to the beach as straight dudes, but they sure aren't leaving as them. These guys just contemplate the quiet seas for awhile, but then they start getting thoughts. Naughty thoughts - since it's just them by themselves on the beach, they figure no one will ever find out. Well other than the video camera and all. They go back to their hotel and start off with masturbating together. They take glances at each other's dicks and keep on going until they splattered cum everywhere.

Young Guy Masturbated By Old Hooded Man

Duration: 24m, 31s, Starring Lucky

(442 Votes)

You'll fall in love with this blue eyed cutie, young vagrant Lucky. This man might be good looking, but he has no life skills, ending up on skid row. The only way he can make a buck is to suck shaft and offer his body for homosexual purposes. In this particular case, an amateur filmmaker takes him back to his porn studio, fitted out with mirrors and slides to capture every inch of that young twink flesh. He makes the young dude strip, and then, donning a balaclava, the pornographer kneels in front of him, licking and blowing him until he makes the young punk ejaculate. The hunky man stands awkwardly, semen dribbling from has spent weiner.

A Surfer Dude Jacks Off On Webcam

Duration: 15m, 34s, Starring Jinx

(198 Votes)

Jinx is a fit surfer guy with a long cock and he loves showing it off. He was chatting with a guy online who wanted to see him so he fired up his webcam and did a hot striptease for him. Once he was nude he pointed the camera at the bed and laid down on it so he could stroke his tool and show off how long it was. He got himself hard the stood up stroked faster and faster until he was biting his lip and moaning with pleasure as he shot his hot sticky load. When he was done he took the camera into the bathroom with him so the other guy could watching him shower and clean up.

An Army Guy Gets Head On Base

Duration: 17m, 8s, Starring Nicholas

(164 Votes)

Nicholas was in basic training standing post. A guy came in wearing a mask and told him to strip. He did as he was told and stripped down to his underwear. The masked man told him to strip off the underwear and play with himself. He dropped them to the floor, gripped his cock and started to stroke. The masked guy walked over, knelt down and started sucking his dick. He sucked and stroked that cock until Nicholas was getting ready to nut so the masked man pulled back and watch as he leaned back, jerked his rod and shot a hot load all over a nearby mirror.

Two Guys Jerk Off Together At The Gym

Duration: 23m, 28s, Starring Angel, Lewis

(379 Votes)

Angel was in the locker room lifting some weights. As he finished he got nude and started rubbing his cock. Lewis walked in and saw him and was so turned on by it that he pulled off his clothes and started stroking his tool. The two guys stood looking at each other and standing in front of the mirror as they stroked faster and faster. The guys were so hard they knew they were both about to cum so they turned around, faced each other and the mirror and erupted like fountains, shooting their loads all over the mirror then they hit the showers and cleaned up.

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