Studly Tom Pumps Out A Huge Fucking Load

Duration: 13m, 41s, Starring Tom Collins

(170 Votes)

Although the producers of this video claim that he is straight, brunette stunner Tom Collins certainly seems quite queer! From the very first moment we see him he is wearing a pair of tight, baby blue swimming trunks that only a raving homosexual would wear. Next we see him indoors in an extremely loud and flamboyant orange shirt with a tribal necklace; however soon he is naked, showing off his hairy chest and hirsute cock and balls. He has no problems with showing off his ass hole or masturbating himself to orgasm on camera, and you can pump along in time with his rhythmic stroking. There is an absolutely massive cumshot!

Football Stud Mark Jerks Off In Shower

Duration: 15m, 26s, Starring Mark Stevens

(97 Votes)

Now this guy is seriously fucking hot! His name is Mark Stevens and he is an all American college stud, a prominent member of the football team with an amazing body. Although he's still young, he's got a charmingly hairy chest will get your dick rock hard. First we see him in the shower as he soaps up his body, getting his cock and balls nice and clean while he looks directly into the camera. After he's dry, we see him drink his protein shake in an extremely masculine fashion before he proceeds to masturbate in the bedroom. He's got a fat cock along with a swollen pair of balls that are just about bursting with a fat load!

Extremely Hot Stud Kevin Masturbating

Duration: 16m, 48s, Starring Kevin Meyer

(124 Votes)

Extremely good-looking stud Kevin Mayer might be straight, but by the way that he plays up to the camera you'd think he was a raving homosexual! This guy is exceptionally hot, with sexy blue eyes that will melt your heart. This guy could seriously be a movie star or a runway model! He's not that ripped, with a little bit of extra fat around his torso, but he makes up for it when he shows off his pearly buttocks. Then he gets completely nude and lies spreadeagled on the sofa, stroking his fat cock and balls. He begins to masturbate with more enthusiasm, soon bringing himself to an orgasm and spurting all over his own pubic hair.

Three Guys With Really Nice Long Penises

Duration: 36m, 17s, Starring Mikail Yankov, Mike Denning, Reed Dennis

(335 Votes)

Three gorgeous guys jack themselves to orgasm in this excellent solo guy clip. At first we see Russian beefcake Mikail, a chunky guy with an extremely long cock. There are some great closeups of the penis as he pleasures his foreskin, jerking himself to an erection before he makes himself cum. Next we see studs Reed and Mike, another couple of good-looking Caucasian guys with nice pricks. One of the nicest things about this video is that these guys don't trim their pubes too much - it really makes them look masculine! Mike especially has got a really nice cock, very long and thick - it's over two hand spans long and uncut!

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