Ethnic Lad Knows How To Work Stiff Cock

Duration: 31m, 32s, Starring Josh Mendes, Little Steven

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In this awesome gay sex scene, an ethnic man gets it on with a blond Caucasian guy in the woods. Their buddy is waiting for them just around the corner and he is completely unsuspecting of their hardcore homosexual lust! The blond guy kick things off by sucking off his new ethnic partner, loving tasting that dirty brown cock. However, it's the brown guy who is into the ass fucking, bending over and receiving it like a pro. Towards the end of the scene the blond man lies on his back, looking up at his new partner in amazement as the brown skinned man rides his big dick until he spurts everywhere. That's gay sex at its finest!

Big Dick Gay Hunks Fucking Around

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring Leo Masters, The Geyser

(323 Votes)

Leo Masters and The Geyser enjoy spending every second together that they can - and that just so happens to include them having wild, hardcore gay sex with each other. It doesn't take them very long to get their nice and hard, and they start kissing right away. Their hands travel in sweet caresses, and the blowjobs get very intense with great deepthroating. You don't see real deepthroating too much in gay porn, so when they get more and more hardcore with each other. They end up getting nasty with each other and slamming deep in their asses.

Ethnic Stud Takes His Buddy's Virginity

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Duncan Valentine, Emilio Sands

(110 Votes)

These two running buddies do a different type of training tonight! After a long, hot and sweaty session of running, the two guys retire inside for a cold drink. It's a white guy and his ethnic buddy. Once they are inside, the ethnic man busts a move on his slimmer white friend. He wants a piece of that ass! His white buddy is inexperienced in the ways of gay sex but he is eager to learn, sucking his buddy's cock and then getting it on his virgin bumhole. There's hardly any lube involved either, but the ethnic man's cock slides in surprisingly well for first time anal. It's amazing what a little bit of spit and precum can do!

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