Hot Guy Masturbates In Front Of Mirror

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Andrew Aston

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We are greeted by Andrew getting in the shower and scrubbing himself off good and clean. He then goes into his bedroom and starts grooming himself. He then looks in the mirror and gets up to inspect himself, checking out every angle of his body. He then lays on the bed and starts playing with his large dick, watching himself in the mirror as he does so. He then continues to stroke his dick up and down making it even longer and hard. He then switches angles and continues to masturbate his huge cock before laying back down and stroking it good and hard. He works his cock and then blows his massive load all over his hand and stomach.

Horny Wanker Cums All Over His Gay Self

Duration: 11m, 25s, Starring Brad Kemp

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Athletic young stud Brad Kemp jacks himself off in this solo masturbation scene. Brad looks every inch the ivy league college wasp, sitting on his bed in his underwear and wearing a white tshirt. He rubs himself through his underwear, stroking his thick prick until it reaches a full erection. Then he pulls it out of his pants, showing off the length and girth to the camera. Spitting on his palm, he begins to stroke himself, using a two-handed grip at the top and the base of his penis. Soon his semen is spraying everywhere, dribbling all over his hands and almost hitting him in the face. His tshirt gets hot jism all over it.

Hot Guy Jerks Himself Off In The Bath

Duration: 7m, 38s, Starring Chris Elliot

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Chris elliot stirs up in the middle of night, unable to rest decides to take a bath and masturbates in the tub think of his loneliness!

Massive Cocked Guy Jerks Off In Bathtub

Duration: 8m, 54s, Starring Chris Elliot

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We see Chris taking a bat stroking his massive soapy cock as he cleans it off. Soon he just starts stroking it, getting it all soapy to lube it up. He then kneels in the tub and starts stroking his ass and fingering it as well while jerking himself off. He continues to soap up his massive cock, jerking it off with both hands. He then stands in the bath, braces his head against the wall and handles himself hardcore bent over with both hands, jerking himself off good.He continues to jerk off with both hinds because his cock is so massive he can't do it with just one. Then you see his load dripping out of his massive cock as he finishes.

Classic Black Gay Solo Masturbation

Duration: 11m, 14s, Starring Derec Alexander

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Derec Alexander is starring in what appears to be a super old black gay porn video. Now finding gay porn videos from the 70s and 80s is hard enough - they hid that kind of thing back in the day. To find a black gay porn video - well that is beyond impossible, but here it is so it's time to sit back and enjoy it. This ebony stud starts off by working his arms, but before long he is working his big monster cock, bringing his hand around the thick rod and then working it up and down. I don't know how he jerks that thing off, it's so big.

Handsome Young Stud Strokes His Cock

Duration: 7m, Starring Domenic

(348 Votes)

Muscular and handsome Dominic sits in a chair wearing only a towel. He oils up his hand and slowly starts to stroke himself off, laying his head back and closing his eyes as he jerks himself hard. He works his shaft with both hands, jacking his big dick as his breathing becomes heavier. He spreads his legs over the arms of the chair as he continues masturbating. The scene inexplicably cuts to him in the shower before cutting back to him back in the chair and stroking himself to orgasm. His hand and cock end up covered in his hot cum.

Hot Guy In Boxers Gives Himself Handjob

Duration: 8m, 17s, Starring James

(174 Votes)

We start off with James in bed. Before long his hand is in his boxers and he's playing with his dick. He continues to play with himself under his boxers for a bit before he moves the leg of his boxers to the side and reveals his large nut sack and starts playing with that. He then takes out his long hard dick and starts stroking it up and down. After a bit he takes his boxers off so he can have more easy access to his dick and continues stroking it up and down. He continues to jerk off his cock good and hard going as best he can. He moves his hand all the way up and down that long hard shaft until he finally cums all over his stomach.

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