Hairy Latinos in Gay Fuck Fest

Duration: 26m, 5s, Starring Larry, Paulo Machy

(640 Votes)

Paulo Marchy comes over to Larry's house, and he has a problem - a big problem. His dick is so fucking hard that he can't even begin to masturbate it himself. He needs Larry's help, and it looks like Larry is more than happy to take care of this stressful situation. They get on the love seat, approriately enough, and that's when it starts. They dive for the dicks first, with Larry's dick sucking coming first, and Paulo's after. That's not quite enough to satisfy this pair, so they end up making this into a Latino fuck fest.

Skinny Gay Guys Making Love on the Couch

Duration: 28m, 34s, Starring Maurlo, Rocky Ogaranhao

(1790 Votes)

Maurlo and Rocky Ogaranhao are foreign gay guys that have that Euro look to them, but they are certainly a bit on the slender side. There is a bit of muscle going on here though, which you see once they strip down. They are both hairy men, although not quite to bear levels. As they start to rub and caress each other they get more and more turned on, their dicks hard as diamond. They go with the dick sucking first, but you know these two end up fucking deep in their asses to end the day. Now that's a hot gay porno.

Cute Latino Guys Fucking Together

Duration: 29m, 38s, Starring Alex Junior

(929 Votes)

Pool is one of those sports that is just so full of dirtymeanings and puns - it's a gay guy's wet dream, and you can see that with Alex Junior and his boyfriend. After shooting a few rounds, they end up stripping right there next to the pool table. After a bit of kissing and a lot of foreplay, they even end up getting nasty right on the pool table. Now that's the kind of gay action that you just have to sit down and enjoy - these saucy gay Latinos are always up for some fun, and don't mind who is watching.

Gay Studs Sucking and Fucking on Couch

Duration: 27m, 16s, Starring Igor dos Santos, Zoltan

(644 Votes)

Zoltan loves to walk around in nothing but his white briefs which really don't leave all that much to the imagination when it comes to how fucking hard he is. He doesn't mind - he'd rather let everyone know while showing off his tight muscled body. His friend catches him walking around, and he just can't resist - he has to have that big uncut cock. He gets that dick nice and hard with his mouth before sitting back in the chair and getting a blowjob in return, ending it with a tight ass fucking.

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