Two Guys Have A Good Morning Fuck Fest

Duration: 22m, 26s, Starring Antonio Correa, Chad Calvin

(488 Votes)

We start off with Chad and Antonio just waking up after a long night of fucking. Chad wakes up very horny and Antonio is more than happy to give him a good morning. It doesn't take long for Chad to start sucking on Antonio's large hard cock and before long Antonio move into the jacuzzi. After a bit Chad joins hm and they quickly start playing around and making out again. Before long Chad is sucking on Antonio's dick again, making it long and stiff. Antonio then sucks on Chad's long hard cock for a bit before Chad gets bent over and Antonio sticks his dick in Chad's ready waiting ass hole. Antonio eagerly drives his cock into Chads eager ass.

Hot Guys Four Way Fuck Fest On Vacation

Duration: 22m, 13s, Starring Alvaro Lucio, Chad Calvin, Luis Coelho, Rafael Lopez

(548 Votes)

We start off with a guy getting back to the place where he's staying and three guys are waiting for him and he invites them all in. After looking around and chatting, it doesn't take long for them to start making out. Before long two of them have their shirts stripped off and Chad is sucking the others dick. Then the other two take their shirts off and start giving themselves hand jobs while watching Chad suck off the other guy eagerly. Pretty soon Chad stops and another guy takes over eagerly. Pretty soon they're all in the bedroom and Chad is sucking off one guy while another guy is sucking off the fourth guy.

Horny Muscle Stud Nails Some Young Ass

Duration: 20m, 49s, Starring Chad Calvin, Denis Mello, Thomas Lourenco

(946 Votes)

Don't you just love those brown South American boys? In this excellent gay sex scene, two young brown studs are relaxing in the spa pool. One of them is quite tall and muscular, while his younger companion is more slightly built. At first things just seem casual and friendly, but then the older man coerces his friend into sucking his prick. It's a sight for sore eyes - the extremely young Brazilian man blowing a thick prick that barely fits in his mouth! He gives the muscular man an excellent sucking, obviously no stranger to working the pole. He bends over and takes an ass fucking. Finally the muscle stud cums on the brown boy's butt.

Two Hot Guys Fuck Hardcore On Vacation

Duration: 22m, 19s, Starring Antonio De Capos, Chad Calvin

(379 Votes)

We start off with Chad and Antonio two hot guys who meet on the beach and soon head back to an apartment where Antonio soon starts to strip down and chat starts rubbing on him. The two start making out and before long Chad is sucking Antonio's dick. After having his dick sucked for a while Antonio sits up and strips Chads pants and underwear off. After making out and sucking each others dicks for a bit Antonio bends Chad over and sticks his long hard cock into Chads waiting ass hole. After fucking him doggy style for a bit, Antonio flips Chad over and fucks him while Chad jerks himself off. After Chad cums Antonio pulls out and jerks off too

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