Football Players Start Sucking Dick

Duration: 17m, 1s, Starring Kurt Summers, Logan Reed

(421 Votes)

Kurt Summers and Logan Reed are the type of guys that you would never expect to see fucking or sucking another dude. However that's exactly what happens when they get so turned on that they just want to be all over each other. They go to the back, right behind the field, and find a random bench to chill out on. I don't even know if their team is still on the field, because if they are there is no way that they don't hear the moaning and screaming from these two guys as they get wrapped in a passionate embrace.

Horny Gay Football Players Getting It On

Duration: 19m, 38s, Starring Hanz Ebson, Hawk McAllistar

(988 Votes)

Hawk McAllistar and Hanz Ebson love to fuck each other when no one else is around, and I'm not sure if they're in their own rooms or the clubhouse when they do it. I would love to see these two in the clubhouse, not knowing if someone is going to b e around as they go at it together. Their bodies are so damn hot, and they look even hotter once they get to the ass fucking part of things. I cannot take my eyes off of them once they start pounding dick to ass - god it's so damn hot. You have got to watch this.

Football Coach Fucking Star Player

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Andy Hunter, Michael Fallon, Nathan Hamilton

(295 Votes)

How many of you watch a football game and you just imagine what they would look like fucking each other? Usually I think about the players fucking each other, but today the coach just can't resist his player at all. Michael Fallon and Nathan Hamilton end up having a rather secret sex session together, and you can see all the football gear sitting off to the side. This coach works his mouth up and down on that dick, and then he bends over to get his tight asshole pounded open as hard as possible.

Gay Football Fetish Fucking Outdoors

Duration: 16m, 54s, Starring Deacon Frost, Ryan Scott

(447 Votes)

Ryan Scott and Deacon Frost are both football players, which aren't men you usually think of as gay. But really think about that for a second - I mean the tight pants that they have to wear should have been the first giveaway, let alone the fact that they are around 52 other guys constantly. That's the hottest thing I could think of as a gay man, so watching these two football cuties start to suck and fuck each other is a real treat. I have to give them a round of applause with the cocksucking performance.

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