Wrestlers Go For The Gold In The Locker Room

Duration: 26m, 6s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Justin Stewart, Rick Perry

(3364 Votes)

Wrestling has got to be one of the most erotically charged sports on the planet! Getting hot and sweaty, heaving in passionate combat with another man on the ground - you can't get more dick stiffening than that! Four studs get all hot and bothered in practice, letting their passions explode as soon as they get into the privacy of the locker room. Claudio pushes Fernando up against the lockers, squeezing his ass and nuzzling at his neck; soon studs Rick and Justin join the fun for an intense four way oral and anal fuck that will have you dribbling all over the floor! No hole is left unexplored by these four horny sex athletes!

Athletic Wrestling Studs Have Hot Anal Sex In The Bathroom

Duration: 23m, 6s, Starring Erik Maestro, Luciano Endino

(841 Votes)

Wrestling is an extremely homoerotic sport at the best of times, and when you have a couple of hot body guys getting naked in the shower after practice, you just know that all hell is going to break loose! Erik and Luciano watch each other as they bathe, paying special attention to each others' dicks. Leaving the water running, Erik gets down on his knees while Luciano goes down on him, swallowing his dick right then and there in the bathroom. They have to hurry in case their teammates walk in, so they quickly eat out each others' butts and then bend over for some hot anal sex. They do it right there on the bathroom floor - very dirty!

Gay Wrestlers Get Into Head Locks

Duration: 24m, 40s, Starring Brian Wels, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Nick

(680 Votes)

Nick needs some serious hard pepper, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Fred Goldsmith can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Leslie Manzel and Brian Wels. All the men work their charms to get Nick's clothes off and it works. Once their shorts hit the floor lips lock around pork-swords and heads start bobbing away, getting them all ready for the real fun. These boys start into the hardcore ass action with all the lust in their loins, riding their bodies to the limit and blasting jizz all over each other!

Three Gay Wrestlers get all Locked Up

Duration: 23m, 19s, Starring Jack Laurel, Jonathan Collins, Sergio Foster

(1468 Votes)

Sergio Foster has taught many aspiring wrestlers the ropes, and how to win in a grapple. Today he's going to teach Jack Laurel and Jonathan Collins that a good lip-lock can win almost any match! While those two men go at it on the mat, Sergio is getting hard for them, preparing his disciplinary rod! When the men fail to impress him with their rolling yet again, it's time to change up the teaching technique. Maybe some blowjobs, handjobs and a good hard ass-fucking is exactly what these pansies need to become winners!

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