Ricky Parker And Infinity Have Some Chocolate Gay Time

Duration: 26m, 3s, Starring Infinity, Ricky Parker

(304 Votes)

This hot clip begins with a slim and submissive cocksucker blowing his daddy's dick. The cocksucker is wearing his cap backwards and a voluminous red T-shirt that hangs loosely on his scrawny frame. The two men get naked and then the darker skinned, scrawny guy, who looks surprisingly like Flavor Flav, gets his ass totally torn apart. He stands and is bent at the waist by his shaven headed daddy and he jerks himself pathetically during the rough sodomy. The two men lie next to one another on the bed and jerk themselves off to an orgasm at the end. If you like a rough anal you'll love this clip - it's a really dominating ass fucking!

Muscular Black Stud Wanks Himself Off

Duration: 15m, 49s, Starring Koby Bird, Ricky Parker, Soloman

(150 Votes)

In this extremely hot gay masturbation and oral sex clip, muscular stud Ricky Parker strips off and shows off his cock. This guy is a real beefcake and has got muscles for Africa! From his bulging biceps to his rippling sixpack, this guy will get your dick rock hard! He sits on a stool, showing off his impressive penis when cocksucker Koby Bird runs in from the side, wearing a pair of tight white jeans that look extremely camp. He leans over, giving Ricky a quick sucking and then Ricky jerks himself off the rest of the way. The camera zooms right in to capture the momentous cum explosion that surges from his throbbing penis.

Gay Black Guys Getting a Deep Dicking

Duration: 17m, 52s, Starring Kamrun, Ricky Parker

(581 Votes)

Kamrum is, shall we say, a very original character when it comes to the gay porn world. He starts off this scene in nothing but a pair of silky boxer shorts, and starts bouncing around and dancing. You can see his dick sticking out nice and clearly from his shorts, along with the wonderful muscles that he has going on here. He starts off stripping and you can see his powerful black ass, followed by a great dick that is hanging large and low. Ricky Parker stops by, bends him over, and lays the pipe to him.

Two Black Guys Fuck And Cum Together

Duration: 16m, 41s, Starring Koby Bird, Ray Don

(137 Votes)

Fit studs Koby Bird and Ray Don got naked on the bed and messed around. Koby slid down and took Ray's long cock into his mouth. He sucked him hard, getting that thick prick to stand and full attention. Ray put Koby on all fours and slowly slid his cock into his ass. It felt so good Ray was moaning and begging for it hard so Koby gave him just what he wanted. He put him face down on the bed and plowed that ass. He fucked him fast and deep, flat out destroying that ass. When he was ready to cum the guys laid side by side and busted a nut together.

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