Black Dude Tears Up White Guy's Asshole

Duration: 16m, 49s, Starring Alex Mendez

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This white guy has been casting desiring glances at this black stud at the gym for months. Finally, one night they find themselves alone in the locker room. The black guy is straight up, confronting the confused white man with his secret fantasies. The white man won't take the initiative, so the black man seizes control, reaching out to feel the white fellow's rock hard erection bulging through his pants. The black guy sucks the white guy's cock until there is no more argument, and then he boldly bends the white man over and begins to deep stroke his ass hole. He really tears this white boy up good, and cums in his ass!

Horny Gay Thugs Fucking in Locker Room

Duration: 19m, 21s, Starring Little Blundt

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Little Blundt and his boyfriend find a bit of quiet in the locker room. They start off by stripping down, revealing awesome chocolate brown skin. They also happen to be showing nice thick cocks - they both love to mess around with each other and start getting nasty today. First the dick sucking starts, and then they move on to more intense things. This hardcore black gay porn shows exactly what's going on in the locker room when those hunks wander in, and there's nothing like seeing how satisfied they are when they come on out.

Two Black Guys Have Ass Tearing Anal Sex

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Little Blundt

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Two black guys are hanging out in the locker room after gym class. One is considerably bigger and bulkier than the other, and under normal circumstances you would expect him to be the top in the situation. However, while the shorter man looks on, amused, the large guy drops to his knees and begins sucking the other chap's cock. Once the dick is rock hard, he wordlessly bends over on all fours, sticking his ass out and pressing his face submissively down to the floor. The younger, shorter and more lighter skinned man fucks him hard up the butt, gripping his hips and really driving it home. He whips it out and cums on his friend's black ass.

Young Black Guy Fucked In Locker Room

Duration: 19m, 25s, Starring Bandit

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After sports class, two younger studs hang back in the changing room after everyone else has left. This dirty black cock sucker and his taller and older latino mate can't wait to get it on. The black guy pulls down his buddy's pants, cradling the nutsack gently in one hand while he sucks the impressively large prick right down to the back of his gullet. After he has delivered an excellent blow job, using those thick, black cock sucking lips the way God intended them, the young buttslut bends over, pressing his face to the bench and sticking his ass up in the air. Face down, ass up, that's the way these guys like to fuck!

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