Unruly Cadet Pounded In Dirty Latrine

Duration: 20m, 6s, Starring Brian Wels, Fabrice Felder, Rick Bauer, Sergio Foster

(877 Votes)

After this pilot cadet fucks up during basic training, he and his buddies get ordered to clean up the filthy latrine. He is a lazy little fuck, not wanting to pull his weight, and the other two men are furious. As he turns to leave, he gets jumped on by the other two men, who push him down onto his knees and ram their big army cocks into his mouth. They roughly fuck his throat, tearing down his trousers while they do so then the two men pound the disobedient cadet right in the tight ass! He screams loudly, but shut away in the latrine, none of the other soldiers can hear him. The cadet ends up with a double faceful of spunk!

Army Mechanic Ass Fucked By Two Officers

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Christopher Baldwin, Leslie Manzel, Roberto Giorgio

(571 Votes)

In this horny European gay threesome, an airplane mechanic gets double teamed by two of his superior officers. He is working on a helicopter when the other officers turn up for inspection and things soon turn steamy. One officer pulls out his dick and rams it into the mechanic's mouth, cramming it down his throat at the same time, the other officer pulls the mechanic's pants down and starts to sodomize him. With no one to see what's going on, the poor mechanic is completely at their mercy! The two other men take turns riding him in the ass, stretching out his previously tight anus painfully. His butt is going to be sore for weeks!

Five Horny Army Men Have A Bit Of Private Fun

Duration: 30m, 43s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Daniel Paxton, Gilbert Bosco, Nico Luccini, Tony Magera

(1204 Votes)

These new Pilot recruits are in for the time of their lives! In this vid, three extremely good-looking and muscular young studs get hazed by a bunch of senior officers. They are ordered to strip down to their underpants in the dorm room, humiliated in a variety of ways. They are told to get down on their knees and start sucking the officers pull out their dicks and feed them in to the younger cadets' mouths. However, the officers don't just want oral - they're going to fuck the young cuties in the ass! You'll love watching them scream and moan as their tight asses get broken in - these young bucks take some serious anal plundering!

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