Military Computer Nerds Sucking Dick

Duration: 24m, 42s, Starring General Disarray, Private Johnson

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The IT type of guys in the military usually end up being a lot more slender than the dudes on the front line, so it's easier to find the twinks in the army there. Private Johnson and General Disarray (fucking incredible names, those) start off by going on the computer for something random. Things heat up pretty damn quick and the general is soon sucking up a ton of twink cock down his throat. He just loves the taste of dick, and then bends over the Private to give him a real idea of how military guys fuck.

Military Twinks Fucking in Bunk

Duration: 26m, 14s, Starring Lieutenant Dan, Private Winger

(459 Votes)

Private Winger and Lieutenant Dan know they aren't supposed to see each other, but they didn't care. Nothing could stop their passion for each other's dicks, so they snuck around to get some one on one time.They were both on the slender side, almost twinks I'd say - and they are just fucking incredible. I love watching them in action, with Winger's lips wrapped around Dan's wang, their tight smooth bodies going harder and faster until they moan so damn loud I thought the entire complex would hear them.

Miitary Men Fucking in the Gym

Duration: 26m, 40s, Starring Captain Anale, Private Johnson

(143 Votes)

Military fantasy and a gym fantasy - I love mixing my fantasies together, so this is perfectly acceptable. The scene starts off with Private Johnson hitting the treadmill, and he is going at it so intently that he barley notices when Captain Anale comes in the room. Before long his dick is getting hard though as he looks at the Captain's hard muscles. He is just dying for a taste of his dick, and it doesn't take him long to get naked and start sucking. They end up fucking on one of the exercise bikes - not something I was expecting.

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