Pilot Ass Fucked For Poor Performance

Duration: 25m, 35s, Starring Lukas Roubicek, Vit Pokorny

(260 Votes)

This trainee pilot has his first actual experience of piloting an aeroplane, while his instructor watches over his shoulder. The trainee makes a few mistakes, and his instructor is furious when they finally get back to the hangar. The instructor gives his subordinate an explicit dressing down, screaming pleasure at him and then pulling out his cock, ordering the student to suck. The confused and ashamed young man doesn't know what to do, so he wordlessly gets down on his knees and begins to work the prick with his mouth and his hand. The poor guy really pays for his bad performance on the airfield, taking it hard in the ass as punishment.

Young Mechanic Gets Bent Over And Fucked

Duration: 25m, 21s, Starring Martin Tiller, Radim Marek

(181 Votes)

It's another day in this commercial airline hangar. Two young mechanics are working on a vintage aeroplane, polishing it and checking it over to make sure that everything is okay. These two guys don't really know each other, both being quite new to the private sector, but they can't help but glance at each other. You know how they say a man looks sexy in uniform, and both of these gentlemen are wearing smart blue overalls! Before you know it, they are pressing one another up against the sides of the plane, grinding their groins together before they fall onto the floor in a tangle of arms, legs and cocks. Then one mechanic bends his buddy over.

Pilot's Lesson Ends In Hardcore Ass Sex

Duration: 21m, 38s, Starring Roman Benes, Vladislav Juracka

(747 Votes)

A good-looking pilot takes one of his trainees into the hangar to show him around the cockpit. In the close confines of the aeroplane, the guys are painfully aware of each others' firm bodies mere inches away from each other. Soon the guys abandon the lesson plan and begin kissing. The trainee pilot is nervous, trembling as the pilot reaches into his overalls and pulls out his hard prick. The guys end up having sloppy mutual oral and then the pilot bends his younger companion over the air plane wing and enters his tight butt from behind. The lesson ends when the trainee pilot has a sore but that's dribbling a load of hot semen.

Young Mechanic Ass Fucked By Hunky Pilot

Duration: 26m, 27s, Starring Ivan Plop, Rene Bahr

(332 Votes)

A successful and good-looking jet fighter pilot is hanging around in the hangar when one of the lowly mechanics comes to service his plane. This mechanic has been admiring the charismatic pilot for quite some time, and he can't help but to cast covert glances in the pilot's direction whenever he can. Of course, the astute pilot notices the mechanic noticing him, and beckons him over. The mechanic can't believe his luck as the pilot pulls his prick out of his pants and shoves it in the mechanic's mouth. This turns in to some hot mutual cocksucking and eventually the mechanic finds himself bent over the wing while he is being ass banged.

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