Horny Army Cocksucker Fucked Hard Anally

Duration: 23m, 59s, Starring Chandler, Scott Spears, Taylor Donovan

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This clip opens on two horny army guys, as one guy sucks the other's cock on the couch. He's an eager cocksucker, despite his receding hairline, and he willingly chokes on his friend's his penis. He slobbers all over the dick, spitting on it in a vulgar fashion and stroking it with one hand as he gasps for air. The two guys are joined by another gentleman, and the two dominant studs take turns bending this cocksucker over and reaming him in his ass hole while he squeals. He shrieks so much that they have to put one hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds of his groaning, lest he awaken the rest of their platoon - dirty homos!

Army Studs Suck And Masturbate Together

Duration: 24m, 58s, Starring Taylor Donovan, Tyson Rexx

(142 Votes)

These two horny Army studs have been eying each other up on the shooting range for weeks, and finally they find themselves alone in the dorm after dark, able to indulge in their most disgusting homosexual fantasies. They strip off on the couch, each guy leaning over to suck the other man's penis right down to the base. Both guys have got nice cocks, long, thick and hard and very clean looking. One guy wants his ass fucked, so his buddy bends him over the edge of the couch and dominantly enters him from the rear, rutting him like a bull rutting a sow. To complete the scene, both guys lie next to one another and jack off on their stomachs.

Anal Initiation Into The Army

Duration: 19m, 47s, Starring Brandon Street, Taylor Donovan

(184 Votes)

Taylor Donovan was a new recruit and it was up to Brandon Street to give him his initiation. Taylor stood up, pulled his pants down and told Brandon to suck his cock. Brandon was actually turned on so he did as he was told. He sucked that nice cock until it was hard as steel then Taylor bent the new recruit over and slammed his cock in him from behind. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back, impaling him on his meat bayonet as he built up speed and fucked him with nice long strokes. When he couldn't hold out any longer he pulled out and stroked his tool until he erupted like a volcano.

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