Submissive Toyboy Rammed In His Butt

Duration: 25m, Starring Darian Farber, Tyson Rexx

(124 Votes)

A businessman gets home from work to find his submissive toy boy waiting for him on the bed. As the businessman kicks off his business suit, the toy boy takes off his gym shorts - he's been working out in preparation for the fuck all afternoon. The two horny studs take turns sucking each others' cocks, and then the toy boy lies on his back, holding his ass cheeks apart for some hardcore anal pounding. His lover enthusiastically rams his hard cock into that tight butthole, thrusting as deeply as he can. Then he rolls the submissive toy boy over, holding him by the hips and slapping his butt cheeks while he continues to tap that ass.

Duncan Skidmore And Toby O'Connor Suck Bone And Fuck

Duration: 22m, 37s, Starring Duncan Skidmore, Toby O'Connor

(195 Votes)

You can never let anyone know that you're gay on the ship, but that doesn't stop Duncan Skidmore and Toby O'Connor from meeting up with each other for some rather delicious boat sex. They are wearing their briefs for most of the episode before finally kicking them off, and there's just something about seeing those tighty whiteys in the flick that makes it really sweet and hot at the same time. Once the dick blowing is done, Duncan bends Toby right over, working his booty cheeks apart and then slamming himself home.

Hunky Sailors Getting Nasty in the Cabin

Duration: 22m, 59s, Starring Chase Allen, Tony Akin

(323 Votes)

Tony Akin and Chase Allen spend all day thinking about the naughty, nasty things they are going to do to each other once they get below deck - and today you get to see it all. They start off by taking off their clothes and uniforms, but you can already see their big dicks bulging against their pants. They go down on the bed, licking, kissing, and caressing each other, their flesh swords getting harder by the second. By the time their pants come completely off, they are past caring who might hear them in the hallway.

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