Sexy Sailors Getting Gay with Each Other

Duration: 25m, 42s, Starring Christian Slade, Tyson Rexx

(91 Votes)

Tyson Rexx and Christian Slade go back to their cabin, sweaty, dirty, and sexy as hell. They are yummy sailors, so all of you with seamen fantasies are going to whip your cocks out and whack them until they nearly fall off. It helps that these guys just look great in general, with a nice combination of muscles and tautness that will get you on your knees just to work your hands over them. Then when you move from that to their dicks - well you can see why these guys just couldn't resist each other at all, it's fucking hot.

Gay Sailors Getting Nasty in Their Bunk

Duration: 24m, 28s, Starring Jake Ryan, Tony Akin

(306 Votes)

Tony Akin and Jake Ryan find it hard to get time in between their sailor duties to have time with each other, but every once in awhile they get to release their sexual tensions and get down to business. I love the way that Tony opens his mouth nice and wide after they have stripped out of their uniforms. He is just waiting for that dick to drop into his mouth, and Jake Ryan certainly obliges him. He slurps on that dick nice and slow, getting it all the way down his throat. Once he's done licking that down, he bends over and starts getting his ass pounded in nice and deep. He is moaning harder and harder - I wonder how no one else heard them.

Hunky Gay Studs Having a Quickie

Duration: 28m, 49s, Starring Damian Blackwell, Jonathan Winters

(126 Votes)

It's so hard to find the time to be alone with your gay lover at work, so when Damian Blackwell and Jonathan Winters get together in a small room they are going to take full advantage of it. These two sexy studs start off by stripping down each other, their tongues and lips seeking out that sacred cock - the sucking starts, but soon builds up more and more until they are just getting slammed over and over again. It's so intense that you can pretty much hear the ball slapping throughout the entire ship.

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