Sailor Gives Doubley Good BlowJob

Duration: 16m, 41s, Starring Radek Halubar, Robin Lycka, Zdenek Valenta

(111 Votes)

It must be all that warm salty air, because it seems like sailors are randy all the time. While they're out to see they have to entertain themselves and each other. One of their favorite past times is the double dong cock suck. There is one swabbie that can suck two meat sticks off at once. He keeps his hand jacking one dong while he's taking the other in his talented mouth. He swabs their dicks until the seaman squirt semen. The other sailors are butt fucking each other, cramming their peckers in balls deep. Everyone cums and everyone gets their ration of joy juice for this mission

Sailors Entertain Themselves With Cock

Duration: 21m, 57s, Starring Michal Pokorny, Pavel Vichera

(103 Votes)

When sailors are confined to quarters and denied liberty, they don't really care. Their butt buddies are all they need. They are content to swab each others dicks and shine the poopdecks. A favorite past time is ass rimming, they all take turns licking each other's brown spots and tongue fucking their butts. They love to cram cock in the crack and ride it until all cocks are on board and ready to cream. They take turns fucking and sucking each other and then shoot huge loads of salty semen on each other. They lick and gobble up the cum like it's caviar. We don't need no stinkin liberty!

Sailor Shouts Ahoy Matey Thar He Blows

Duration: 20m, 47s, Starring Pavel Strejcovsky, Radek Pacha

(784 Votes)

The only thing sexier than a sailor in a uniform is one who has taken it off. Truth be known there is more sex at sea than there is at liberty. This hot sailor notices his superior officer has his periscope up and he knows it's time for some maneuvers. He goes to the bottom of that seaman swallowing his hard pecker down to the end of the bone. They're soon fucking, the officer's big mast pummeling his tight ass ramming it home. The fucking gets hotter and he's ready to yell Thar he blows - so he pulls out his pecker and creams all over the sailors tight abs. Big globs of cum to be rubbed in or licked off.

Journey To The Bottom Of The Semen.

Duration: 38m, 25s, Starring Radek Halubar, Robin Lycka, Zdenek Valenta

(241 Votes)

The group of sailors have some down time, and they don't waste a minute in taking a journey to the bottom of the semen. They strip off their tidy white uniforms and are down and dirty in no time at all. The three butt pirates exchange deep kisses and stroke each other's masts. They take turns swabbing each others dicks before heading for the poop deck. He stretches his ass open with a dildo and then brings the ship to port by channelling it deep in his aft region. He's ready to raise the white flag and he drags his soldier out of that tight hole and strokes off his long john silver onto his matey's ass.

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