Hot New Recruit Gets A Good Ass Reaming

Duration: 22m, 27s, Starring Alessandro, Alex Bad Boy

(477 Votes)

There is a good-looking and new recruit in the brigade, and the guys are eager to get a piece of that tight young ass. One guy with a shaven head manages to seduce the younger man, luring him into a deserted part of the parade ground. There, hidden amongst the bushes from view, the horny guys have a sordid and quick encounter. The young guy's nervous at first, but it feels so good when the shaven headed guy wraps his lips around his cock that he doesn't resist any further. The guys suck each other off, and then take it in turns to fuck each other in the ass. Both of these guys are just as eager to receive as to give an anal pounding.

Fire Fighter Puts Out His Fire With Cum

Duration: 23m, 32s, Starring Bruno Ferraz, Gabriel Samyer

(212 Votes)

As the soldiers were sharing their gay experiences, we cut to one hot fuck session involving one of the soldiers and a gay fireman. He couldn't keep his hands off of the fireman, or his lips, especially when he got his pants off and whipped out his dick. It must have tasted really good, because he took every last inch down his throat over and over again. It wasn't long before the soldier was bending over for that stiff prick, and taking a deep pounding from behind. He loved having his asshole stuffed with firefighter's meat, no matter what position he took it in. They both made a sticky mess, with his buddy cumming all over his face.

Gay Soldiers Have Hot Encounter In Woods

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Felix, Rena Fabregati

(375 Votes)

Two good-looking soldiers from different divisions meet up with each other in the forest while they are on patrol. Their duty is long, tedious and boring, and they are both looking for something to spice their uneventful lives up. They end up having a hot gay encounter, stripping off their clothes amongst the bushes and enjoying the feel of their warm bodies and hard cocks against one another. One guy drops to his knees, cupping his buddy's balls with one hand and massaging them gently while he sucks him off. Then he bends over, taking a hard anal reaming in the bushes. The action is hot and heated, and they need to get it done quickly.

Naughty Marines Butt Fuck Outside

Duration: 21m, 3s, Starring Andrey, Bernardo Arony

(126 Votes)

After describing a fantasy of his that came alive, we get to see it cum alive as well, as he gets to hook up with one sexy Marine in the woods. They each tugged at each other's pants until their cocks were free so they could suck on them. He bent over for the Marine and took every last inch of his dick that was fully standing at attention. He moaned loudly, especially when he was bent over on the grass. He put the Marine's hat on and saluted him by getting on top of him and sliding every last inch of soldier cock in his ass again, bouncing up and down on it. He laid down and stroked himself until he came, and then the Marine came on him.

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