Horny Army Dudes Enjoy Deep Anal

Duration: 23m, 49s, Starring Austin, Montana

(477 Votes)

Montana can't hold back how horny he is for Austin, so he calls him over, and these two army dudes don't waste anytime getting dirty. Austin is one eager cocksucker as he dives down and starts to suck on his buddy's big dick. He slathers his spit all over his big rod, getting it nice and hard and ready to be shoved in his own asshole. Austin gets bent right over so he can get his tight asshole fucked by his hot muscular friend and they both start moaning with pleasure. The two army studs jerk off and leave their jizz all over their stomachs.

Hot Gay Soliders Get Hardcore

Duration: 23m, 18s, Starring Duncan Skidmore, Tyson Rexx

(192 Votes)

Duncan Skidmore and Tyson Rexx are getting ready for a week of rest and relaxation - although I think their idea of R&R is quite a bit different from what most of their company is doing. That doesn't bother these two at all, of course - they just want to play with each other's shafts after getting out of their camo. They start off slow, just getting mostly naked and playing with their shafts. However, then the bent over and hard banging time comes, and Tyson nearly pounds Duncan right off the bed with his cock lust.

Soldier Picks Up A Thankful Hitchhiker

Duration: 29m, 25s, Starring Dylan Shepley, Ryan Hopefield

(146 Votes)

What a nice guy! He picked up this lost hitchhiker and brought him back to the military base. What did he receive in return for his good deed? Why, a blowjob, of course! The stranger took his uniform off and made his way to his cock, sucking on it until it was completely stiff and covered in his drool. He snacked on it like it was the tastiest thing he ever had, making him so weak in the knees that he had to sit down! He wanted it more in his ass than in his mouth, so he bent over the counter and had him drill his tight butt, grabbing him by the waist and slamming him. They both sat next to each other and jerked off together until they came.

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