Soldier Takes Ass Fucking For Promotion

Duration: 25m, 24s, Starring Taylor Donovan, Tony, Tony Akin

(99 Votes)

It's promotion time, and this guy's commanding officer needs some extra encouragement to help him a notch up the promotional ladder. Of course, the subordinate knows what to do, having heard lurid stories in the mess hall about his baldheaded boss's sexual proclivities. He wordlessly gets down to his knees, pulling his boss's cock out of his pants and beginning to lick it up and down. Soon the glistening length is ready for his ass, so the soldier bends over and allows his boss to penetrate his tight sphincter. He gets a rough and hard ass fucking and then the boss bends over to get some anal of his own. Promotion assured!

Trainee Soldier Sucks His Boss's Fat Rod

Duration: 23m, 53s, Starring Kyler, Michael

(155 Votes)

They say that a real bond develops between a new recruit and his training officer. An extra special bond develops between these two studs, one that involves cocksucking and ass fucking! The older man sits back on the couch confidently, taking up space in true alpha male fashion. His young friend leans towards him, feeling stirrings of homosexual passion in himself that he never knew existed. Slowly but surely, the older man pulls his cock out of his pants and presents it to the young man, who knows immediately what he has to do. Leaning forward even further, he takes the rigid prick in his mouth and gingerly begins to suck.

Young Soldier Ass Fucked By Commander

Duration: 24m, Starring Chris, Stonie

(148 Votes)

A young military stud is sitting on the couch next to his older commander, who is smoking a cigar. The older man has decided that he is going to be the one to break in the younger man into the ways of the military, pulling his cock out and guiding the young man's face down towards his crotch. Of course, the young guy is under direct orders to suck the cock, so he can't resist. It's just as well that he is an eager cocksucker, and he has a look of pure joy on his face as he fellates his commanding officer. Then he is bent over on the couch, fucked hard in his virginal sphincter by the older stud, who eventually cums on the young man's stomach.

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